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Jets Players selecting my Pictures for their Twitter Avatars

Jets Players selecting my Pictures for their Twitter Avatars

If you follow this blog and my account on twitter @e_man  on a regular basis, you know that I like to put out these graphics of the Jets players.  It started with me playing with my iPhone to kill some time when I’m bored and it turned out to be a fan favorite.  The pictures are really popular and I have been getting a ton of replies about them.  Thank you all.

What surprised me last night was as I was checking the players accounts, I noticed a couple of of the players changed their avatar on twitter.  To my surprise Plaxico Burress @plaxico and Marcus Dixon @marcusdixon94 changed theirs to my pictures.  I was excited to say the least. Then minutes later, a fan tweeted Santonio Holmes one of my favorite pics I made so far of him, and he retweeted it.  I wonder if he might use it as his avatar.

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