Erik Manassy from Jets Twit to Appear on HGTV’s Dina’s Party

Erik Manassy from Jets Twit to Appear on HGTV’s Dina’s Party

Well I can scratch off being on a major television show about the New York Jets off my bucket list.  My father and I had an experience of a lifetime as we were asked to appear on the HGTV’s show Dina’s Party for their NFL Special which I’m told will air in February.  I’m guessing it may be for Super Bowl week.

dinamanzo J.E.T.S JETS JETS JETS!!! Filming our NFL special freezin our arses off!! #DinasParty 12/16/11 11:15 AM

It all started with an email through my blog from a producer of the HGTV network.  I get these from time to time, but they mostly don’t equate to anything big.  So last Friday, I read the email stating that they were looking for “Tailgate” experts and that they would like to talk to me ASAP.  I figured what the hay, and called the number provided.

e_man @dinamanzo Thank you so much for allowing @L7Smiles and I to show you the ropes of Tailgating! It was fun! Now you are #Jets experts!! 12/14/11 8:00 PM
dinamanzo @e_man @L7Smiles Thank u so much for everything! @DanielleAmbro @NikkiGalella Look who’s on twitter!! 12/14/11 11:44 PM
DanielleAmbro Filming today is beyond fun!! Met the best people and have a new love for football!! 12/14/11 4:22 PM

Dina Manzo of Dina's Party on HGTV!

I quickly found out the show was for “Dina’s Party” and I would be teaching the host, Dina Manzo, and her co-hosts the ins and outs of tailgating and also discussing my passion for New York Jets football. Dina is putting together a “Home Tailgate” for a lucky Jets fan and the show will be geared around that mainly.

Our part will be when Dina calls in the experts and we drive up in our truck to The Brownstone in Patterson NJ, the restaurant where her husband is co-owner and where The Housewives of NJ shot some episodes.  We basically set up our tailgate and go over each element.

When I told my wife the show and who the host was, she wasn’t quite sure if she heard of it but it sounded familiar to her.  I called my mother thinking she watches the improvement reality shows, and when I uttered the name Dina, my Mom’s voice hit a pitch I never heard before.

“DINA MANZO FROM HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY?!?!” screamed my Mom.  I responded, “uh, I think so.”  So clearly my Mom is a fan.  I got the same reaction when I told my mother-in-law.  I’ll be honest.  I never heard of Dina or her current show, but I remember hearing something about The Housewives of New Jersey.

DanielleAmbro Love u guys so much!!!  @e_man @L7Smiles Thank u so much for everything! 12/15/11 12:56 AM
DanielleAmbro Had such a great day kicking off second season of #dinasparty on @hgtv I can see already we will be taking it to another level of fab! 12/15/11 12:59 AM

Danielle Ambro

Other members of her team and co-hosts, Danielle Ambro and Nikki Gallela, on the show were also great to work with and we all had a lot of laughs on the set.  I don’t want to give away too much of our scenes but I’ll talk about one that I’m sure will not make the show.  It started to go downhill when we were talking about tailgating games.

Nikki Gallela

I knew of three games (Beer Pong, Corn Hole, and the one where you throw ropes around pipes).  I clearly didn’t know the name of the last one so I was going to not bring it up, but when Dina asked on air, I rattled off the two and then my father brings up the third.  He clearly didn’t know the name either and he started to stumble a bit.  Dina asked for the name  again and I paused when suddenly Danielle spoke up and said “I think the game is called Horse Balls!”  That was the end of it.  The entire group lost it and I’m going to assume they cut the scene!

What’s really funny is that I was checking twitter after the shoot and I can tell Dina was struggling with the names and that maybe we were pulling her chain.

dinamanzo Serious question…is corn hole a dirty term? 12/15/11 4:38 PM
dinamanzo Ok, so corn hole IS a game…it just sounds so dirty to me. Thanks tweeps 12/15/11 8:49 PM
e_man “@dinamanzo:I told u ;) now that other name hmmmmm 12/15/11 8:50 PM

So make sure you look out for us on the NFL special of Dina’s Party to air early in 2012.  If you follow this blog or me on twitter, trust me, I’ll let you know when it will be on.  My Father and I had so much fun with this and I’m really curious to see how the final product will translate on the screen.  As Bart Scott famously says:  “Can’t WAIT!”