Erik Manassy from Jets Twit Appears in Metro New York about The L7 Tailgate

Erik Manassy from Jets Twit Appears in Metro New York about The L7 Tailgate

Thanks to Kristian R. Dyer @KristianRDyer for coming out to the L7 tailgate to meet with me and other members of the L7 group.  Kristian wrote a great article that brilliantly captures the magic of our tailgate and how it was born from social media, specifically twitter.

mhiggins #L7 #Jets tailgate crew goes big time, will need own flack soon. Story on how Twitter got it all going. 12/15/11 9:40 AM
e_man Shout out to @KristianRDyer for today’s story about #L7! Thank u for the mention! #jets 12/14/11 8:58 PM

Go give it a full read here, but below are my highlights!

Brian Tomaska and Erik Manassy being interviewed by Kristian R Dyer - Photo: @thesheikh

It was a conversation that began among fans talking online via the social media platform, tweeting each other about the team and breaking stories. Connections were made and through sites such as, the fans decided to begin congregating in the L 7 parking lot. As many as 120 fans met before the Patriots game a few weeks ago to work themselves into a frenzy before heading into MetLife Stadium.
Manassy used to tailgate a bit differently with his father, getting to the stadium around 8 a.m. on game day, pitching their Jets tent and reading the newspaper and enjoying some grilled food before going into the game.

Now, Manassy walks around like the mayor of the tailgate, his father dutifully tending the grill and passing out steak sandwiches to anyone who walks by.

“What’s expanded from social media is now a group, is now a family,” said Erik Manassy, founder of “I can’t imagine not tailgating like this. I love these people.”