December is Shonn Greene Time, Feed him the Rock

December is Shonn Greene Time, Feed him the Rock

Shonn Greene had a solid game against the Chiefs running for 129 yards on 24 carries averaging 5.4 yards.  I’ve always said that Shonn gets really hot later in the season, partly because the way he was used in the past as a change of pace back.

Now that he is the starter, I was worried that maybe he was going to wear down and not be as efficient as he has as the past. Yesterday was not the case as he was given the ball the most all season yesterday, 24 times.

Greene’s Run Chart vs. the Chiefs

Shonn was the most successful the last game running to the right.  60 yards were running behind the RT and RE using the TE or FB.  The colors below indicate how the players performed for the entire game including pass blocking and run blocking.  In the example, Nick had the most solid game but it doesn’t indicate that Shonn had the most yards behind Mangold.

TheJetsStream #Jets Shonn Greene is finalist for FedEx Ground NFL Player of Week after he rushed for season-high 129 yds (187 total yds) vs Chiefs #nyj 12/13/11 9:49 AM

Greene's Run Chart Against the Chiefs

 Run Shonn Run… In December

I think the more you give Greene the ball in the game, the better he gets.  He’s been averaging almost 15 carries a game, but I think it would be wise if the Jets upped to his minimum to 20 carries now that we are in December.  Get Shonn hot for the playoffs (and yes I believe we can win all three games, EAGLES FIRST).

Greene is a HOT Runner in December