Jets #LongSnapper Tanner Purdum Enters the Twittersphere @TannerPurdum

Jets #LongSnapper Tanner Purdum Enters the Twittersphere @TannerPurdum

The New York Jets Long Snapper, Tanner Purdum, has entered the Twittershpere @TannerPurdum . What makes this move surprising to me is that I was told by his agent and his wife that Tanner is a quiet guy and that he will NEVER EVER join Twitter.  So when I saw a tweet from him last night, I thought it had to be a fake until his wife, Kara @karapurdum , confirmed it was in fact him.

Most fans don’t know their Long Snapper, and that’s no insult to Tanner, but Jets nation is a different beast and he gained close to 400 followers in a couple of hours.

TannerPurdum Finally got on board! Glad to be part of the Twitter family! #jetslongsnapper 12/6/11 7:58 PM

Other than replying to a few fans, Tanner has been tweeting about SOA.  SOA stands for Son’s of Anarchy, a show that I got into this year and last night was the finale.


TannerPurdum Watching finale of Son of Anarchy with @karapurdum!! Best show ever!! 12/6/11 10:26 PM
e_man@TannerPurdum: Did u like the finale? 12/7/11 7:36 AM
TannerPurdum @e_man it ended a little different than expected! Still looking forward to next season #SOA 12/7/11 7:51 AM