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Ask and You Shall Receive: Mayhem Jerseys Selling on JetsShop.com for $65.50

Ask and You Shall Receive:  Mayhem Jerseys Selling on JetsShop.com for $65.50
AaronMaybin51 I LOVE MY #JetsNation …u asked 4 it, rex said get to it: http://t.co/TpX2stgm 12/5/11 4:02 PM

With the great play of Aaron Maybin this season, it’s no surprise that the player is causing such a buzz that a large amount of fans have been asking on twitter where they can get the #51 Maybin Jersey.  I have been saying weeks ago that Aaron was quickly becoming one of my favorite Jets of 2011.

After Aaron recorded his 6th sack this past Sunday, I was thinking, man I have to get this guy’s jersey.  I was putting out tweets if I should get his jersey and I was getting flooded with people asking me where they can buy it as well.  I reached out to Matt Higgins, the EVP of the Jets on Twitter:

e_man Hey @mhiggins, #JetsNation want their @AaronMaybin51 Jerseys!! Best place to get them? When are u guys going to start producing them?” 12/4/11 8:37 PM

Then in his press conference, Rex said that the Jets will have to get some jerseys on their site with a MAYHEM on the back, Aaron’s nickname.

mhiggins Rex: “I think we’re going to have to get some jerseys out there w/ MAYHEM on the back.” Here you go -http://bit.ly/vCR90Q #Jets 12/5/11 4:01 PM

Well, when there is demand, there is supply and the Jets announced yesterday that the official Mayhem and Maybin 51 Jerseys are in the shop, OH and use the 30% discount code Jerseyweb30 and put JETSTWIT in the notes section when you log out.

Use Code jerseyweb30 to get 30% Off to get it at $65.50

TheJetsStream #Jets are now selling official @AaronMaybin51 jerseys with “MAYHEM” on the back, per @mhiggins. Take a look: http://t.co/qFC4txD3 #nyj 12/5/11 4:24 PM
e_man RT @mhiggins: Jerseyweb30 RT @JoshElkin: @mhiggins how do you get 30% off jerseys? promotional code? Q 12/5/11 8:34 PM
  • http://twitter.com/ronnie131 ronnie

    Rex Ryan will not only attract other players in the league, but other fans (of neutral teams) around the league love the Jets as well.

  • buddyball

    Wish he was coaching the Eagles. Wish his dad still did. Hell I’ll take his brother. Yea i root for the jets now. Hope to see you in the SB.

  • Evan

    Good article. Rex has definitely changed the environment for the good.

  • http://twitter.com/Deebo_99 Deebo

    Thanks Erik for the info!! But can you believe the 3XL is already sold out!! LOL!! Guess I will have to wait a bit for my “MAYHEM” jersey!!

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      Wow they are sold out already, crazy….

  • MKuchar67

    Glohston Jersey needs to be removed and burnt…