Rex Ryan Sees Red on Shonn Greene’s Third Touchdown

Rex Ryan Sees Red on Shonn Greene’s Third Touchdown

Rex Ryan was seeing red yesterday when Shonn Greene scored his third touchdown yesterday to ice the game.

It put the Jets up 15 points with 1:47 to go, an insurmountable lead. But Ryan wanted Greene to fall down at the 1-yard line and avoid the Jets’ having to play an extra possession on defense and cover a kickoff.  Read more

Rex Ryan
“That was something that I was a little bit upset with because for the simple fact that we had to go back and play defense and cover a kick,” Ryan said. “Sometimes I’ve seen guys get injured in those situations. That was something I was disappointed in. I was disappointed in myself for not telling him. I’ll take the responsibility.”
Rex Ryan On Shonn Greene Scoring the Last Touchdown

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I was kind of surprised of Rex’s reaction when I read it this morning.  Look, the running game has been struggling all year and the first time they show some dominance (I know it’s the fourth quarter during garbage minutes), Rex gets upset because Shonn took the ball to the house.

Shonn responded to the question of why he ran for the TD with “I was just running”.  So what?  I have no problem with the TD.  I don’t believe it looks like we were running up the score.  Rex’s problem was that he had to kick the ball and bring the Defense out again but again, I have no problem with it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but let’s say we end up in a tie finishing the season to get into the playoffs, isn’t one of the tie breakers the amount of points you score?  I would think that us running up the score in this game and any other game moving forward could help our cause.  We are just hanging on in a log jam today for the 6th seed and I know it’s going to come to some kind of crazy tie breaker.  Shonn, I have no problem with the TD.