My Reply to @GreenLanterJet: Jets Fans Love to Hate Mark Sanchez, but Why?

My Reply to @GreenLanterJet:  Jets Fans Love to Hate Mark Sanchez, but Why?

My good friend Jeff Capellini @GreenLanternJet from and put together a master piece that describes how Jets fans feel about Mark Sanchez.

As far as the wacky world of Jets fans’ allegiance goes, the abuse this player takes daily is the stuff of legend. Many other players throughout the decades have been ridiculed, but with the advent of social media and a growing and seemingly instantaneous reporting process, it seems all the news fit to print — and a lot of it that really shouldn’t be — is known about this 25-year-old before he even has a chance to digest it and prepare. Be it in the media or among the so-called “Nation” of “fans,” Sanchez has somehow survived two years and 12 regular season games of constant badgering, poking and prodding.


Love him or hate him, the Sanchize Wins Games!

To the majority, Sanchez will never be truly accepted until he leads the Jets to their first Super Bowl championship since Joe Namath. To the rest, he’s a cross between the great green and white hope and a cautionary tale. They don’t quite know yet what to make of him, but are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

For now.


But, now seems to be a word that’s adjusted weekly. It appears when you don’t hear about Sanchez he’s doing something right, but when you do he’s invariably done something deemed unacceptable.


Now is that just the nature of the beast in New York? Or is it something more, something singularly unique to this player and this player only?
It’s hard to put a finger on it, really, because the other team in town has a quarterback that often finds himself teetering on the same abyss.

And he’s already won a ring.


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Is Mark Sanchez the Guy that should be Leading the Jets?

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One week fans love the guy, and the next they are calling for him to be ousted of New York.  If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know how I feel.  I’m in the camp that says, Mark Sanchez is a winner, a leader, and is slowing progressing and improving every year.

The key word:  Slowly.  It’s not the word many want to hear, I get that.  In a world of instant gratification, how could Jets fans not want a Super Bowl Ring now?!?  Rex Ryan has already promised it, MANY TIMES OVER and some fans feel that Mark could be in the way of that dream.

Bottom line is, the Jets have not had a history of winning since, well, the days of Joe Namath.  Sure, there were flashed of playoff appearances, but do you realize that we are in a period where not only do we go to the playoffs, we move up the bracket in the most difficult way you can:  winning on the road!  And I want to remind you that Football is a team sport, but you do not go to the AFC Championship game two years in a row with a bad QB.  Mark Sanchez is the reason we are good, not great yet, but good.

As I stated on this blog:

I’m not saying don’t be upset with Mark for his play (which by the way is on par and better in some stats than his first two years).  Don’t believe me, go look up his stats for his career.  So why now?  Why are people dumping on Mark now?

1.  Our record  2.  Our expectations have risen thanks to winning.  3.  Rex says we are getting a super bowl  4.  Everyone says that now that he is in the league for three years, he magically has to transform into Peyton Manning or he’s a bust.

As Jeff puts it well in his article, just give it a chance week to week and try to watch the game without emotion until the 60 minutes are up.  I know that’s a lot to ask for as I’ve seen Jets fans reactions during games, but look at the big picture and ask yourself.  Is Mark slowly progressing and that pace is ok (because a ring will come eventually) or do the Jets need to bring in a guy that will have monster stats?