Matt Slauson Deletes His Twitter Account after 12 Days of Tweeting

Matt Slauson Deletes His Twitter Account after 12 Days of Tweeting

Matt Slauson has deleted his Twitter account:  @matt_slauson.  The lineman JUST started tweeting on a regular basis and 12 days later the account is gone.  I was featured in an article from Metro New York about players going on twitter and why they should take control of their own destiny.

“Players can sometimes be quoted in the media or a quote could be taken out of context and Twitter or social media as a whole is a medium where players can clarify what they meant. It’s also a way to continue dialogue outside of football. Instead of having to rely solely on a marketing manager, under certain guidelines, the player can take an active role with brand recognition 24 hours, seven days a week,” Manassy said. “If the player is putting themselves out there and often, the brand goes up leading to possible business opportunities. The fans win because they read and interact with the player more and the player wins by controlling his/her own destiny.” “I think it’s a good move for Matt personally.  I hear he’s a really nice guy, and you most likely will see his personality come out in his tweets,” Manassy said.

I still say that it was a good move for him and that I think it was a mistake for him to delete it.

NYPost_Hubbuch Interesting that Matt Slauson deleted his Twitter account today. Too much Husker-on-Husker crime from angry NU/Suh fans? #NYJ 11/30/11 10:46 PM

We were excited about it because his tweets were awesome.  He was showing his personality but perhaps didn’t like the negativity that came with it once you put yourself out there.  Matt was VERY vocal on Ndamukong Suh, his former teammate at Nebraska, and was blasting him on his twitter account.

Articles were being written about it, I was contacted by some producer form ESPN last week to verify his account, and now it’s gone.  That’s a bummer.

Matt Come Back!

Maybe Matt thought it was too much unwanted attention.  Matt COME BACK!

  • MacGyverNut

    Sure wish Matt wouldn’t of deleted his account.  The fans who spoke out against his opinion about Suh, are idiots.  Suh was in the wrong, and Matt has every right to voice his opinion about that.  I’ll follow Matt before I’ll follow Suh.  Suh does indeed make Nebraska look bad.