If you Tweet more than 20 Times a Day, Jets Jeff Cumberland Says you Need a Life

If you Tweet more than 20 Times a Day, Jets Jeff Cumberland Says you Need a Life

Do you tweet more than 20 times a day?  If you do, then according to Jets TE Jeff Cumberland, you need to get a life because you have no priorities or you must be unemployed.  Say what?  So apparently if you tweet 19 times, your ok.

I normally don’t write stories like this, but these tweets irked me as a dedicated Jets fan.

So where did Jeff pull this 20 number out of his arse.  I’m not one to be negative, but if we are looking at tweets, Jeff seems negative in this set:

jcumberland86 Ppl that tweet more then 20 times a day get a life you must have no job no prioritys if you have that much time on ur hand everyday 11/30/11 10:24 PM
jcumberland86 Oh and don’t be upset if i stop following you just mean you boring or ya tweets ant what i wanna see #nohardfeelings 11/30/11 10:29 PM

Get a Life? Think he meant this? 1UP

Jeff, I guess you think I need to get a life.  I have failed your standards.  But hey it’s ok.  You are tweeting and not working but still doing ok, how do I know, well who could afford a car like this if all you did was tweet, right?

Jeff, you probably insulted half of Jets nation on twitter as we are passionate about our team and guess what we are tweeting more than 20 times about.  You and the Jets.

I tweet more than 20 times a day. I need a life. Thanks Jeff.

  • KieraMassette

    He should learn how to spell “priorities.” 

  • http://twitter.com/NickSpano Nick Spano

    He is brilliant. You should read all of his tweets. He is seriously so dumb that I unfollowed him a while ago. Oh and how can a 3rd string TE who’s caught 2 balls in his entire career afford that car?

  • Anatodigi

    Dude who cares. Lol you really took that one way too personal. Plus its different for you this is your job.