Stevie Johnson Shows His True Colors Mocking Jets Plaxico

Stevie Johnson Shows His True Colors Mocking Jets Plaxico

Classless.  Stevie Johnson making fun of Plaxico Burress during his TD celebration was despicable.  In a world where entertainment is king, it was obvious that Stevie was trying to top all celebrations and take a personal shot against the WR on the other sideline.  Why?

Johnson said in a press conference that he was embarrassed but then on Twitter tweets that he doesn’t “regret being the real me 24/7″.  So I guess the real you is that you immature.

StevieJohnson13 Im just being myself man I dnt regret being the real me 24/7 and u shouldn’t either. I dnt knock yall for gettin at me like this. Ima G haaa 11/27/11 10:14 PM
StevieJohnson13 Not apologizing to TRUE fans kuz yal felt the loss like we did. However I do apologize to my tmmats n them Flyguyz on D for my penalty!! 11/27/11 10:23 PM


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Other than showing his true colors, he continued to mock Santonio Holmes celebration of spreading his hands and then fell down. That is the reason he received the penalty of which put the Jets in great field position in which they ultimately marched down the field. and won the game.

To make matters worse, the Bills were very much in the game and on a play where Fitzpatrick delivered a strike to a WIDE OPEN Stevie Johnson, the WR dropped the pass. It also looked like he may have gone all the way for the score.

As a Jets fan, thanks Stevie. As a Bills fan, I’m livid. I can’t understand some of the tweets I’m reading from Bills fans defending him. Take off the Buffalo goggles please. Admit your guy did wrong and cost you the game.

Plaxico’s response to the mockery:

I’ve seen worse, and I’ve heard worse,” he said. “It doesn’t bother me at all. The result I’m looking at is we won the football game and he turns around and drops three wide-open balls to lose the game. If I was a player, that’s how I’d evaluate myself. He kept doing his thing and I kept doing mine.

That’s a professional answer.  Plax then went on twitter to state:

plaxico For the record I talked to S. Johnson #13. Its all love. I dedicated my game to Sean Taylor UM#36 #21 today. I miss my man. I love you bro! 11/27/11 11:21 PM
  • Zeusny Cruz

    S Johnson you a straight bitch you ain’t no G if that was me I woulda knocked you the fuck out! !

  • Bill

    So mocking a player who shot himself is “Classless”? What’s it called when you shoot yourself in the leg then? Oh, right, it’s called stupidity…..

    • Erik Manassy

      Sure is classless and stupid.  I’m glad he did it in hindsight because it set the Jets up to win with the penalty.  Plax paid in jail 2 years.  Stupid, sure, but it’s ok for Stevie to rip him?  It’s his right and guess what he looked like a jackass. 

      If you are going to imitate him how about trying to copy that catch he made to save the Jets season.    Or better yet catch 1 of 3 balls thrown to you in the final drive.