The Jets should stop wearing green pants

The Jets should stop wearing green pants

Are you superstitious?  I sometimes am when it comes to sports, but read this about the Jets record with certain tops and bottoms:

The NFL’s uniform policy stipulates the home team can choose which color uniform top it wears for each game, but it allows both teams to pick their pants. When the Jets wear their green pants, they lose at an alarming rate. Since 2002, they own a record of 22-31 (.415) in them, compared to 55-49 (.529) when they wear white bottoms.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Jets play significantly better in their green uniform tops, which they wear for almost every home game. But the numbers show that while they win at an impressive clip at home regardless of their jerseys, they still fare better in green tops and white pants (27-19 since ’02) than in green tops and green pants (10-8).
The results skew even more in favor of the white pants when the Jets play on the road: They have a 25-26 record in white pants (.490), compared to 11-23 in green pants (.324). (The Jets beat the Patriots in last year’s playoffs wearing green pants, but normalcy resumed when they fell to the Steelers in the AFC championship game while wearing the same outfit.)
Actually, if the Jets really wanted to start winning, they’d ditch green and white altogether. They have gone 6-2 in their New York Titans throwbacks. Sure, they look terrible—but they work. – Read full article from the – Photos from Flickr

  • Wildseed1971

    I’d prefer they wear the throwback “TITANS” uniforms… I think their record is (no stats to prove it) exceptional when worn, away or home…

  • kem pa sote

    we should be wearing the early 90s green