Jets Sione Pouha Tells Distraught Boy in Viral Video, Don’t Worry

Jets Sione Pouha Tells Distraught Boy in Viral Video, Don’t Worry

The Smartest & Youngest Jets Fan

It was the video that made it to most media outlets and hit every blog this week, the little 6-year old who was very distraught about his beloved Jets losing to the Broncos.

What made the video go viral (167K views at the time of this post) was the fact that this little boy was so upset and knew all the playoff scenarios that must occur for the Jets to make it to the post season.  It also symbolized what Jets fans of any age felt like but could not do, have a total break down about the team we love.

mhiggins Lots to be thankful for, including this #Jets fan- Sione says, “Cheer up little man”- 11/23/11 12:05 PM
e_man @mhiggins Kudos. That was awesome you guys replying to that viral video. 11/23/11 12:40 PM
NYJSec133 RT @e_man: @mhiggins Kudos. That was awesome you guys replying to that viral video. <~~~Amen *tips cap* 11/23/11 12:43 PM

Sione Pouha and the Jets replied to the ‘little man’ in a YouTube reply, telling the little boy not to give up and “to turn those tears into smiles, go Jets!”

I give the Jets and their social media team tons of Kudos for taking action and replying.  This is why the Jets lead social media in all sports.

  • Iain

    Surely if this were true they would not have re-signed Tony Richardson? I think you’re seeing conspiracies where none exist.

    • Erik Manassy

      I could be wrong, but I don’t think Tony was a “vocal” veteran.

      • Iain

        He was and is a leader in the group. It’s clear whenever they show locker room footage after games.

        I don’t think Rhodes was out to promote anyone’s interests but his own, and I suspect TJ was closer to that model than a Kevin Mawae-type clubhouse lawyer.

        • Erik Manassy

          Yeah on Rhodes and I don’t think the organization wanted to put up with it anymore. I heard they were shopping him for 3 weeks before the trade with the Cards and if not them, he was going no matter what….

          With the TJ, not sure what the reason was: decline towards the end of the season? If that’s the reason, then the Jets should blame themselves for running him into the ground and not using Greene more… Shonn was only used near the very end and the playoff run.

  • Jim

    It may be but if Rex wants it like that I have to go along with it. I’m confident in his & MT approach to building the team this year.

    • Erik Manassy

      Yeah, I like it so far. Some are so down on it.

  • Billy

    Jay Feeley went 1 for 3 in FG attempts in the AFC Championship game…that = choking in the game you need….

  • Jwls

    Rex is king… he’s a winner. The Jets are putting together a winning team with Rex’s help. Jay has the right to shop himself and get the best offer for his talents. I see no malice anywhere.

  • pickingpros

    It’s more of a talent, price, and production thing. Nothing really anymore than that. They sure did stack their roster though, we’ll have to see if it works.

  • Lat

    The kid needs an asswhooping.

  • Petesasauce

    Get ready for years of heart ache little man. Take it from me, I’m someone who knows…