Jets Rex Ryan Going about Mark Sanchez All Wrong

Jets Rex Ryan Going about Mark Sanchez All Wrong

I read a great article from our friend Tyson Rauch on how Rex Ryan is coaching from the pulpit through the media, specifically on how he is handling the struggles of Mark Sanchez.  I just posted on this blog how I don’t like the head games he’s playing with his QB.  Tyson goes on to back me up:

I could not disagree more with how Rex Ryan is handling his struggling quarterback as the last thing both Sanchez and the Jets need is to answer questions about Mark Brunell taking snaps.  How about sharing some information about how the team is giving Mark Sanchez additional coaching? How about discussing the extra time offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is spending with Sanchez and the offense in order to get things back in track?  How about taking some of the heat off a struggling quarterback instead of acting like an opening performer at Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club ( a great place by the way)?

TRauch21 Time for Rex Ryan to stop coaching through the media #Jets 11/23/11 6:50 AM

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I completely agree with Tyson.  So Rex puts out all these quotes to fire up his QB to help him improve his play but what did it exactly do:

  1. Embarrassed the QB.  Rex is treating him like a little kid.
  2. Shuts down communications between him and Mark.  Rex seems proud that Mark is pissed at him and even wouldn’t mind if Mark wanted to punch him out.

How about keeping the communications open Rex, and I don’t mean for the press.  So if Rex isn’t going to work closely with his QB, I sure as hell hope that Schottenheimer and other coaches and players take him aside and tell him this is Rex being Rex and to handle his business.

If I was a coach in the Jets locker room, I would try to build up his confidence.  If you look at Mark’s body language in the game, specifically after an interception, Mark slumps his shoulders, put’s his head down and let’s the viewers know that he’s down.

After a press conference, Mark is deflated.  Look at the other QB’s in the league after they lose.  They DO NOT act like Mark does.  Someone needs to coach him up not only with his play on the field, but I think it begins with his mind set and I believe Rex is going about it all wrong. He’s messing with the guys head and this could back fire.  (Yes it worked last year, but how often can he strike gold).

To be honest, it seems like the two can’t stand each other.  I don’t think Rex is a fan of Mark, and Sanchez is pissed at the head games by Ryan.

TRauch21 would love to know how Rex is motivating Wayne Hunter #Jets 11/23/11 10:15 AM
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    I hope so. I’d like to be able to buy tickets without having to declare collateral.

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      I’m telling you, my gut says another cut is coming.