Plax Gets Two Personal Days Off, Are you Ok with This?

Plax Gets Two Personal Days Off, Are you Ok with This?

The New York Jets were back to practice getting ready to try and save the season for the game this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills at Metlife Stadium.  All were back in this short week looking to improve and get better EXCEPT for Plaxico Burress:

RichCimini No sign of Burress at practice. Awfully thin receiving corps in positional drills. #Jets 11/21/11 12:56 PM
RichCimini Burress excused for personal reasons today and tomorrow, according to #Jets. 11/21/11 1:45 PM

Kristian R Dyer @kristianrdyer from Metro New York Reports

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress was not present at practice either, although his absence had nothing to do with a lower back injury that has plagued him for the better part of the past two months.


Head coach Rex Ryan said that his wide receiver missed practice due to personal reasons.

“This was a while ago,” Ryan said of Burress’ request. “He had a personal day today and tomorrow.”
Reports later confirmed that Burress was in Virginia Beach, Va. at an event at his old school.

plaxico Special Thanks to Kroger for supplying turkeys and hams today! We are so grateful for your support. Thank You for blessing our families!! 11/21/11 3:35 PM

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@e_man’s Take – It’s no secret that the Jets are in dire straits with basically giving up the division to the New England Patriots by losing their last two games.  Even more concerning is that the Jets MUST play perfect ball and get some help from other teams in order to even make the playoffs.

You would think that all the players would be locked in, practicing hard and showing unity that they need to correct the ship NOW.  So I hear that Plaxico doesn’t even show up to practice and my first thought is his back is acting up again, later to find out that he took two personal days.

First, I didn’t know you could request personal days WAY IN ADVANCE.  Second, you would think that even though Plax requested this, it’s Rex decision to revoke it.  Look, if the Jets wins one of those last games, we are not talking about this and it’s no big deal.

Added to maybe me getting a little miffed is that the Jets were very thin at WR to begin with.  Mark Sanchez is STRUGGLING and you would think that you would want him to have more playing time with the core.  So who does Mark get to throw to instead:  Antonio Cromartie.  Oh boy.

Now after learning WHY Plaxico was taking off, I understand that helping the poor is a noble thing, but couldn’t he still have done this on the weekend (that we didn’t play a game on)?

BUT if you look at the history of Plaxico through the years, he never really likes to practice.  Does this give him the perception of being one of those wide receivers with an attitude?  Maybe not, but in a recent Forbes poll, Plax was the 2nd most hated player in the NFL.  Fair or not, this only adds to the perception.

Am I making a bigger deal or do you kind of feel the same way?

  • Jason Joffey Joffer Rose

    Ur making a big deal. The man is a veteran.

    • Jason Joffey Joffer Rose

      He has to repair his image, I understand he also has to commit to the team. But if he asked the coach about it before and it was ok then cool. Some things are more important than a football game. and i’m hard core jets fan. But Families are in need around this time. And as you said he never liked to practice and it really doesn’t affect his performance.

      • JetsTwit

        Yeah, I agree with the image repair reason.  If he plays big and the Jets win, I’m cool.

  • Jason Joffey Joffer Rose

    Ur making a big Deal. The man is a veteran

    • JetsTwit

      Ok fair enough.  Why aren’t the other players taking off?