NFL Smartphone Owners Prefer Twitter over Facebook

NFL Smartphone Owners Prefer Twitter over Facebook

Here is an interesting info-graph I stumbled upon today which breaks out how each sport, including the NFL, has market share amongst the two major social platforms, Twitter and Facebook.  NFL fans prefer to go social on twitter than Facebook.  As a Jets fan who scours the net and monitors this closely, I concur.  There is more interaction and breaking news about the NFL and the New York Jets on Twitter than on Facebook.  That’s not to say people don’t use Facebook, but you can clearly see that NFL fans prefer the bird first.

When you break it out even further to the operating system, apple users of the iPhone prefer twitter as opposed to the android users who go to Facebook first.  Interesting.

Jets Twit, US, has this blog obviously, but we love to interact at @e_man and @jetstwit but as well as the Facebook Jets Twit page.

According to a Sept 2011 Nielsen study smartphones have grabbed 40% market share in the U.S. That means 4 in 10 Americans who own mobile devices own smartphones. The other six own feature phones for now at least. Nielsen projects that smartphones will pass feature phones in the U.S. and reach 50% market share by Christmas 2011. This is all the more amazing considering only 21% of American wireless subscribers were using a smartphone as of the fourth quarter 2009. Data such as these are sending marketers into a frenzy as they rush to engage consumers in this new and exciting channel. - Read the full article

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