CB Cromartie to Play WR to Stretch the Field?

CB Cromartie to Play WR to Stretch the Field?
BrianCoz Cromartie is doing receiver drills. #Jets 11/21/11 12:57 PM
KristianRDyer No sign of Plaxico Burress on the practice field. #Jets 11/21/11 12:45 PM

Wow, now how desperate are the Jets?  Yes we are thin at WR these days with injuries, Plax with the back but he plays, and Kerley with the leg.  A Jets fan reached out to Cro’s wife just a couple of minutes and they were talking about her husband in the new role:

NYJET_Prime @iluvTERRICKA so @ACromartie might get some snaps at WR? He can definitely stretch the field. 11/21/11 1:42 PM
iluvTERRICKA @NYJET_Prime lol shows how much Braylon is missed 11/21/11 2:08 PM
NYJET_Prime @iluvTERRICKA yeah, hugely missed! Despite losing the deep threat, Bray and Mark developed very good chemistry. 11/21/11 2:10 PM

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@e_man’s Take - In defending Mark Sanchez and why he’s struggling this year, I’ve been telling people that Chemistry could be the problem as well as a change in personal.  The loss of Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery was bigger than you think.  You may believe that Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress are better football players and you would be right but the two that left had a specific role.  Edwards was great at stretching the field and Cothcery was one of Sanchez’s safety net.

Kerley was starting to fill the role of the possession receiver but can’t stay on the field and Plax is a great red zone threat.

The Jets are lacking a guy to stretch the field.  Is that why the coaches are lining Cro up to take on that role?  Even if Cromartie makes it to the field and runs the long route, the opposition must believe he is the treat or they won’t bother to cover it.