Rex Ryan expected to be fined, GOOD

Rex Ryan expected to be fined, GOOD

The league is going to fine Rex Ryan for using profanity towards a fan during the Patriots game:

The NFL is expected to fine New York Jets coach Rex Ryan between $75,000 and $100,000 for using profane language to a fan at halftime of last Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell still wants to review the facts of the incident one more time before rendering a final verdict, but the fine will come in north of the $50,000 the Jets fined Ryan when he made an obscene gesture to fans at a mixed martial arts event in Miami during Super Bowl week in 2010 and will be at least $75,000.

My Take – @e_man

GOOD!  Rex, I get it, you are emotional but you were losing your mind at half time.  You told the reporter that Mark made the dumbest mistake ever, and then shortly had the STFU incident.  I know we don’t like to lose, especially you, but you need to control yourself at times.  I usually defend you and most fans are tolerant when we win, but now that we are 5-5, enough.  WIN.  Enough of the talk, let’s walk the walk, ok?  Get a little more self control on your emotions.