The State of Jets Nation

The State of Jets Nation

It’s no doubt that Jets Nation (the fan base, players, commentators, media and just about anyone who supports the Jets) is in a state of flux.  Being 5-5 was NOT part of the plan and making the playoffs looks grim.  Technically it’s still possible, but the Jets have backed themselves far against the wall and will need help and play flawlessly.

After the loss to the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, The many themes that are trickling out of Jets nation from the televisions, papers, twitter and Facebook range from Mark Sanchez is not our guy, to throw Brian Schottenheimer overboard.  One Jets Player, Joe McKnight is ready for the hate.

Look at the reaction from this 6-year old Jets fan.  I believe this sums up perfectly how every fan feels:

Former LB Marvin Jones, who by the way visited our tailgate last Sunday, had this to say about the team:

MarvinJonesJets Jets dont have a personnel problem or coach problem @mmjcgroup @MarvinJonesJets 11/18/11 5:09 PM
MarvinJonesJets They have a chemistry problem right now 11/18/11 5:10 PM
MarvinJonesJets Chemistry has to mesh not playing as a team right now. New faces changes that sometime 11/18/11 5:12 PM

I agree with Marvin.  That is one of the problems the Jets are facing.  They look like a team of individuals trying to dispel their own personal demons.    Part of the problem is that they don’t have an identity on offense.  Are they a running team, pass first team and why can’t they score any touchdowns in the first quarter?

Is Mike T to blame?  Why didn’t he re-sign Damien Woody to sure up the O-line.  Even though the WR core is talented, it completely changed when they brought in Plax and Braylon and Cotchery left.  Yes the new players are talented but as Marvin stated the chemistry is different.

Is Mark Sanchez the problem?  Has he digressed or is it a chain reaction to the other problems.  Are the coaches handcuffing him again by no allowing him to play to his potential by being afraid he’ll make mistakes?

Some pictures that are showing up on twitter about the Jets show that fans or haters think the Jets season is basically over.  Jets merchandise won’t sell and people are using the flyers as packing for moving.  Check out these photos from random people: