What is Wrong with the New York Jets?

What is Wrong with the New York Jets?

I am one down and out Jets fan this morning. Tim Tebow continues to show why he’s worth the hype and Mark Sanchez continues to lose his confidence in games as it seams when the pressure is on.  Can you put this entire loss on Mark’s back, no, BUT he certainly contributed and when things go bad, you look at the QB.  Throwing a pic 6 WILL PUT YOU IN THE LOSS COLUMN more times than not.

Many fans will (and are) blaming Mark Sanchez and they are starting to lose confidence that this should be the QB leading our team.  I know you can say it’s the lines fault not to protect him, OR, it’s the routes the WR run but Mark cannot continue to throw interceptions especially for touchdowns.

TheJetsStream Yes, this was a bad loss for the Jets. However, dismissing it as “Same Old Jets” is an easy + unfair out. Team has found success w/Rex as HC 11/18/11 3:48 AM

Let’s look at what else contributed to the loss.  I think the blame should go to:

Special Teams gets a big fat F

Mike Westhoff must still be screaming and seething. This was such an unprecedented display by a usually strong special teams.  Punting, kick returning and field goals were all terrible.

Where is the Identity of the Jets Offense?

This Jets team lost it’s identity from the last two years.  Known as the “Ground and Pound”, this Jets team only runs the ball 40% of the time compared to the 50+% in previous years.  It would be ok if Mark was playing better, but he looks like a fish out of water.  Mark is staring down receivers and is unable to see the entire field of play.

Rex Ryan

judybattista The shame of Jets performance is that defense was great for most of the game. But all-out blitz on the big play? What?? 11/18/11 8:18 AM

Why did Rex put that personal and call that play on the last play of the game.  I know we like to be aggressive but the play he called had to be run to perfection to stop Tebow and Eric Smith took the wrong angle allowing Tim to score and win the game.

Mark Sanchez

Mark is at his lowest when the pressure is on

Yes Mark has to be put under the microscope.  It’s great that Rex and the rest of the players support him as they should, but Mark needs to play a lot better.  I’m not saying he needs to automatically start throwing over 60% completion but he needs to stop the blatant mistakes.  Throwing interceptions for touchdowns will not win you games.

It seems that when the pressure is turned up, Mark loses his confidence.  A lot can be said about body language.  When you see him walking to the huddle or out of the huddle he looks deflated.  Players feed off of that confidence, or lack of.  Look at Tim Tebow.  The man sweats confidence.  I believe Mark Sanchez has all the tools needed to win in this league, but if you took Tebow’s confidence and attitude and transplanted it into Sanchez, wow.

The Denver Broncos are super-charged and they rode the back of their extraordinarily athlete, Tim Tebow.  Is he a great QB at this point, no, but all the guy does is win.  All Mark does is show inconsistency.

People who know me, know that I’m a supporter of Mark, but this is the first time that I’m starting to really question if Mark is the guy to take us to the Super Bowl.  This clearly is the lowest point of Mark’s career and now I want to see how he will react.  He continue the downward spiral, or he can pick himself up and prove that playing QB in the toughest market can be conquered.

BrianCoz I would caution those burying the #Jets this morning. Schedule is pretty easy rest of way and Rex thrives at times like this 11/18/11 8:28 AM

So what does the future hold for the Jets?  They have 10 days to recover from this loss and get ready for the Buffalo Bills at home.  At 5-5 and many losses in the conference, the Jets are digging a deep hole for the playoffs and they may not be able to recover from it.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.

rodboone #Jets playoff hopes are on life support because their AFC record is atrocious & they’ve lost to Oak, Den, & Bal — so no tiebreakers there. 11/18/11 2:43 AM
  • Swilli68

    Sanchez is not a Throwing QB period, Get him OUT, REX, is the Problem Here for not seeing this issue! they should have made a BIG chainge along time ago to the Newest addition to the QBs and let him go!!! Nothing getts easier, it all gets harder because everyone is so close to being in the Playoffs, Jets will loose this because REX is not going to Take out Sanchez!!! PERIOD. Anyone want to bet me!!!! i didnt think so, NOW, anyone saying Scotty is the Issue is not a Real FB guy and doesnt know anything about FOOTBALL!!!! REX has to see over everything, he is LEADER!!! Pull a QB when he is not doing to well, id a pulled him weeks ago!!!!

    • Big A

      You, my friend, need to go learn a bit more. Research what Schotty has done and you will see that he is HORRIBLE, and no feel for the game. Check out Pennington’s stats in Miami after Schotty. Check out Favre’s stats after he left the Jets.

      A young QB needs consistency and success to build confidence. He also needs good coaching, and that apparently is lacking.

  • Swilli68

    it is not the lines fault at all, Sanchez cannot throw, three years and he still cant throw. very unaccurate on the Run and very unacurate under pressure = LOSER
     Expecially with the Wide recievers this guy has is incredable, not to see anyother QB come in and atleast TRY to win a game, Sanchez hasnt won ANY games, it has been all Deffense this year. if we didnt have a deffense, sanchez would be staring at a Goose Egg!!!!

  • Lexsc400

    I to have been a big supporter of Sanchez over the course of his pro career but last night really opened my eyes. He seems unable to completely read defenses, he misses throws that should be basics of an NFL qb. The 2 obvious ones were the pixk 6 and over throwing a wide open DK in the back of the endzone…those 2 plays were the reason we lost the game. Those two plays were all on Sanchez, so I believe he in fact single handedly lost us the game. Since when does a defense holding an opponent to 10 points on a game a bad thing? Our offenses inability to put up points cost us that game.