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Joe McKnight Tweets he’s ready for the Haters

Joe McKnight Tweets he’s ready for the Haters
OfficialJoeJet I’m waiting for the haters to hate so I’m ready 11/18/11 12:38 AM

Joe, you are not the real problem here.  Yes it didn’t help that you fumbled, BUT, this was a team loss.  This Jets fan will not be hating today.

  • Swilli68

    Im adding a Comment, I think Rex Ryan needs to rethink his QB and his Deffense, he is slidding and not yelling at the boys when there are problems. to me Rex is loosing his foothold here as a Jets Coach!!!

    • http://twitter.com/jetstwit JetsTwit

      Well his defense had a solid game but it was the last play call that cost the game.  He sent the blitz and Smith took the wrong angle.