Jets Twit Quick Hitters 11/17 – @rodboone @TheJetsStream @KristianRDyer

Jets Twit Quick Hitters 11/17 – @rodboone @TheJetsStream @KristianRDyer

The New York Jets take on the Denver Bronco’s tonight as Gang Green look to bounce back from a bad loss from the New England Patriots.  Today’s Quick Hits feature:

  1. Rod Boone @rodboone talking about how the Jets MUST stop the Bronco’s running game.
  2. Manish Mehta’s @TheJetsStream report that Sanchez’s teammates and coach have his back despite his recent struggles.
  3. With Tomlinson out, Kristian Dyer @kristianrdyer talks about how Rookie RB Bilal Powell gets his first chance to show his game.

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janesports The good news is that, after tonight’s game, Jets fans can go back to ignoring Tim Tebow. 11/17/11 12:15 PM

Jets Must Halt Broncos’ Running Game

Rod Boone

Rod Boone’s Key Point

Denver’s unorthodox, read-option offense tailored to Tim Tebow‘s strengths is an NFL aberration. So the Jets know gap integrity and attention to assignment detail will be crucial in stopping the league’s No. 2 rushing attack, which is spearheaded by Tebow and averaging 158.2 yards per game.

“It’s completely different,” safety Jim Leonhard said. “You have a totally different game plan, but I think we have great coaches, so we can make this transition. We have a lot of calls in our playbook, [so] it’s not like we have to create new defenses to play a game like this.” – Read Full Article

Rod Boone Newsday - @rodboone

@e_man’s Take – The Jets will need to pay attention to the little details and as Rod points out, they will need to stay disciplined with gap assignments etc.  The Jets Defense were thrown into a tail spin last game against the Patriots when Brady took his squad down the field with a no huddle.  The Jets looked completely lost.  The Jets Defense must stick with their game plan but if things change up, it will be crucial to make adjustments, something they were unable to do against the Patriots.

NY Jets’ Mark Sanchez has support of teammates and Gang Green coach Rex Ryan

Manish Mehta

Manish Mehta’s Key Point

Despite Sanchez’s record-tying four road playoff wins, he clearly remains a work in progress. Sanchez and Ryan have repeatedly admitted that there needs to be more consistency from the position. Sanchez’s silver lining? The mistakes he made most recently against New England are “fixable.”

“For the most part, my reads and checks were right on, so we just have to keep that rolling and live with the physical mistakes and rep them out at practice,” Sanchez said. “It’s just getting back to basic stuff, easy stuff, reminders. So, that’s good. Things are looking up.”

He’s also received support from his teammates, who have helped to guide him through some of the bumps in the road this season. – Read Full Article

Manish Mehta New York Daily News - @TheJetsStream

@e_man’s Take – It seams that the fan base wants to blame Mark for the bad losses especially this last game against the Patriots.  I’ve heard rumblings that Mark will never take this team to the Super Bowl because he must show progress in what is now his third year in the NFL.  One can say Mark has had his share of bad mistakes but I think early on in the season, the bad play of the offensive line shook his confidence.  Others say that the bad play calling from Brian Schottenheimer is limiting Mark to a hand cuffed QB.  The accusers want Brian to take off the shackles and to go down field.

One thing is for certain, if Mark doesn’t have enough time to look deep, the quick dump offs will continue.  I have no problem with Mark checking down, but he needs to be smarter with the ball and know when to throw it away vs. trying to do to much with a covered play.

Bilal Powell gets chance with Tomlinson out

Kristian R. Dyer

Kristian Dyer’s Key Point

Powell will be asked to fill in for a player in Tomlinson who has just 167 yards rushing this year, but is a big part of the Jets’ third-down offense. Tomlinson has also been a bit of a pest to the Broncos during the course of his 11-year NFL career, including last year in Week 6 as he rushed for 55 yards and two touchdowns in the Jets’ 24-20 win at Denver.

This week has been a bit different for Powell in terms of his game prep as he’s seeing more action with the first team than usual.

“I’ve taken a couple more reps than I usually do with the [starters],” Powell said. “It’s not too much more; Joe McKnight and Shonn [Greene] are taking most of the reps.”

Powell has good hands and deceptive speed, all of which he exhibited in spurts during a college career at Louisville that all too often was plagued by injuries. But since training camp, Powell has steadily been making improvements, especially in the area of pass blocking, something he wasn’t called on to do much in college. He said that he has benefitted from watching and learning from Tomlinson and Greene, making the transition easier for what might be his debut tonight. - Read Full Article

Kristian R. Dyer Metro New York - @kristianrdyer

@e_man’s Take – I really don’t expect Powell to get that many carries unless Greene or McKnight fumble or get hurt, but I still like the fact that Powell will get an opportunity to play.  This happens all the time in the NFL and it’s up to the player going in to replace the injured to be sharp and ready to go.

Powell might go in to shake things up and change the pace, but I hope it’s a night that we see a lot of Greene and McKnight.