Woody Johnson, Marvin Jones Visit the L7 Tailgate for the Patriots Game

Woody Johnson, Marvin Jones Visit the L7 Tailgate for the Patriots Game

Jets fans returning to the parking lots after the big loss to the division rival Patriots were less than pleased trying to figure out how could the team lay a big egg when so much was on the line.  The L7 Tailgate was a somber place early Monday morning, but earlier for the tailgating portion, the parking lots were one big party with hopes of a victory still in most minds.

The L7 tailgate didn’t fail to surprise again as rows of the faithful showed up at 3:15 to set up camp and taste the great food from Suzzette Tomaska, the cakes from Lori Brannigan and the smell of grills everywhere.

L7 wasn’t short of visitors as well, as estimated 100 fans showed up along with some New York Jets players, staff, military, media and player agents.

Woody Johnson Arrives with his Entourage

The owner of the New York Jets made his 1st appearance of the 2011 season Sunday night, 3rd overall appearance going back to last year, and in normal fashion, the mob formed quickly where Woody was speaking with fans and stopping to take many photos.  Off to the side as usual is who I call Woody’s right hand man, Matt Higgins, the EVP of the Jets.  Dressed in his suit, Matt sits back, chats with fans that recognize him and just waits until Woody is ready to move on.

mhiggins What’s cooking? Heading to L lot with woody. Stop by and say hi. #jets 11/13/11 5:24 PM
mhiggins L7 folks, we are in L8, lots of tailgating trash talk right now. #jets http://t.co/B2y2XixF 11/13/11 5:31 PM
mhiggins Huge turnout at tailgates 3 hours before kickoff. Going to be loud tonight. #jets http://t.co/qOHoL2VV 11/13/11 5:38 PM
mhiggins Heading to L7… 11/13/11 5:46 PM

As I stated before, I love the fact that the owner of the New York Jets walks around to speak with the fans and especially going out of his way to make it over to our tailgate at the L7 Pole.

Woody, Brian, Joe and Brian at L7

Former MLB Great, Marvin Jones Hangs out at L7

Marvin Signed my 1993 Original Jersey

New York Jets former LB from 1993-2003, Marvin Jones, made an appearance at L7.  Marvin becomes the first former player to make a visit and he did not disappoint.  Taking photo’s with just about everyone at the tailgate, Marvin was also signing Jersey’s and memorabilia of number 55.

For me, Marvin signed my first authentic Jersey I’ve ever owned (ok it was my brothers), number 54 from 1993.



mmjcgroup @JesseMatthew @e_man I wore #54 from 1993 til 1996 i wanted to get rid of that number cause i got injured. So #55 from 1997 til 2003 11/15/11 4:47 AM
MarvinJonesJets Thanks to L7 guys & girls! Great food and most all great jet fans! Will def hang again ! @MarvinJonesJets @mmjcgroup 11/14/11 11:33 PM
e_man@MarvinJonesJets: @e_man great u guys were awesome” >> Anytime you are in town!! Everyone was glad you came Marvin!! 11/14/11 9:49 AM

MarvinJonesJets with e_man

MrJet954 @MarvinJonesJets thanks for the pics/autograph in the #MetLife suite and at #L7 11/14/11 1:20 AM
MarvinJonesJets @MrJet954 No worries great seeing the fans ! 11/14/11 1:38 AM
MarvinJonesJets @NYJSec133 great hanging with you guys L7 ROCKS ! 11/14/11 1:01 AM


Birthday Party

Smiles' Cake

In a L7 first, the group celebrated and sang happy birthday to two L7 Originals, @laportal and @l7smiles.  Lori, (@double_o_six) had two cakes made and were presented to the birthday stars.  Laportal had her name on the cake and NO she isn’t 36 years old, but rather the number of her favorite Jets player Jim Leonhard.  Smiles received what else, a smiley face cake.  Why?  In every picture ever taken, Smiles (who is my father) never smiles thus earning him the nick name.

Who Else Stopped By?

Damien Keller, Jets’ TE Dustin Keller’s brother, stopped in briefly to say hi to the L7 faithful.  Other’s that popped in, Kristian R Dyer [@kristianrdyer], Metro New York’s Jets Beat Writer, and Chuck Vine [@thetitangrp], President of The Titan Group who represents various NFL players and other celebrities.

Kristian and Erik Talking what Else, Jets Football

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    Nice company there! Marvin Jones told me that he might attend the Jets Fan Club of Fort Lauderdale for the Broncos game.