Ray Lucas Joins Twitter and His First Tweet: Hating on Nick Folk

Ray Lucas Joins Twitter and His First Tweet:  Hating on Nick Folk

Former New York Jets Quarterback and current host of Jets Nation on SNY Ray Lucas [@raylucas06] has joined twitter during the Jets game against the Patriots.  His first tweet, what else, ripping on the player he always loves to give a hard time to:  Nick Folk.

RayLucas06 For my 1st tweet, when Nick Folk missed that fg, I threw up in my mouth. Only a little bit though! Jets better get pressure on Brady damnit 11/13/11 10:16 PM

Hey Ray, I’m glad you are on twitter, but I have to say, really?  Nick Folk did not lose us this game and every time he has one little slip up, you are on him like he’s the reason the Jets lost 4 games this season.

If you are not sure this is really Ray, it is.  Brian Custer, his co-host tweeted his account:

BCusterSNY Were spitting hot fire tonight on Jets Postgame Live with @AdamSchein, @RayLucas06, Joe Klecko, and @JeaneCoakleySNY. 11/13/11 11:43 PM

If you want to be upset with anyone, start with Rex and then go down the line tonight with the defense, Mark Sanchez, Joe McKnight and whoever, but Nick.  Come Ray.  You are bigger than this.

Ray clearly has a problem with Nick Folk. UNFAIR in my Opinion.

Oh and by the way.  If you want an uncensored version of Ray exploding about the Jets, follow his account.  Besides dropping S and F bombs, you get to see Ray just be pissed off.

RayLucas06 Can’t blieve I have to do a show on this #*!? 11/13/11 11:37 PM
RayLucas06 Painful to watch 11/13/11 11:36 PM