Patriots Prove One Again They are the Team To Beat

Patriots Prove One Again They are the Team To Beat

The New York Jets proved once again that the New England Patriots are still the team to beat in the AFC East.  With the schedules remaining, it’s going to be near impossible for the Jets to take the division and yesterday was their best shot to knock the king off their thrown.  The Jets failed miserably.

TheJetsStream Patriots had 15 sacks in the first 8 games. They had five tonight against the Jets. #nyj 11/14/11 1:08 AM
nflwhispers The Jets still have a good defense, they just had a bad game, and didn’t get much help from their quarterback or special teams. 11/14/11 1:31 AM

It’s very easy to say that Mark Sanchez cost us the game, or the play calling, or even the coaching of Rex Ryan and I would say yes to all that, but a Jets team usually great at the little details forgot it all on national television.  Dare I say that I heard muttering of the dreaded term “Same Ole’ Jets”.

Just look at these little things that add up and would eventually cost the Jets the game:

  • The missed chip-shot field goal on the first drive that set the tone.
  • The face-mask penalty on safety Eric Smith that kept a touchdown drive before halftime alive.
  • A Fumbled punt after a crucial defensive stop.
  • The clock management snafu, when Sanchez called a time out on a scoring drive before halftime that gave the Patriots an extra 20 seconds or so when they got the ball back.  “The stupidest thing in football history,” Ryan told NBC, before blaming himself for the mistake after the game that Sanchez clearly made.
  • The total confusion of the defense when the Patriots went into the hurry up no huddle.  The Jets were letting guys line up with no coverage and let Brady tear them part.

Now with the short week, it may be a bad thing or a good time for the Jets to jump right into their next game as they prepare for the Thursday night game in Denver.  I’m saying this now:  If the Jets DO NOT right the ship and put out a victory over the QB-less Broncos, Jets Nation will be in shambles and fans will be calling for someone’s head.