Woody Johnson Wants a Green Monster

Woody Johnson Wants a Green Monster
BrianCoz Woody wants a Green Monster 11/11/11 7:01 AM

“It’s a great building,” Johnson said in an exclusive interview with The Post. “The end zones are very steep — steepest in the league, so it’s a wall of people. But it’s really the fans … they give the building life. And when they’re turned on — as they will be this week — this will be sold out, sold out. We’ve got a bunch of single [tickets] that we’re keeping as fans show up. … Really there’s nothing left.”


Johnson, the owner since 2000, was asked if he expects this to be the loudest crowd during his time.


“Absolutely, yes,” he said. “The fans are starting to get used to the stadium and how to react to things better.”
The fans hate the Patriots, and his players hate the Patriots.


This game could signal a changing of the guard, finally.

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Owner Woody Johnson
“Bring your passion to the game. The Jets fans are very intelligent, they’re the smartest fans in the country, so they know how important it is. Let it all hang out. Don’t hold anything back. If the fans are our 12th Man, we can win this.
Owner Woody Johnson On The Fans Doing Their Part for Sunday