Picture: ‘Watch’ This

Picture:  ‘Watch’ This
Ash_Silber Always good chilling w @nickfolk2 @TheTitanGrp with his new #CrotonWatch Facebook.com/crotonwatch http://t.co/StdlhNJr 11/8/11 9:48 PM
Ash_Silber @GeigerGeiger we need to setup a mtg with @Revis24 to do some work with us facebook.com/crotonwatch like @santonio10 http://t.co/NLc8Rvwq 11/11/11 10:08 AM


Nick Folk

  • Rob Lackner

    sure do it

  • Anonymous

    how can the Jets sign LT?

    I thought they have to lose a FA before they can sign?

    • http://www.jetstwit.com/ Erik Manassy

      That only applies for UFA’s.