@Santonio10 Eats Buffalo Wings on and Off the Field

@Santonio10 Eats Buffalo Wings on and Off the Field
santonio10 What happen to the WhiteOut in Buffalo today? Oh snap the #NYJETS showed up in all green! 11/6/11 5:04 PM
santonio10 Thanks for showing up in Orchard Park today Jets fans. 11/6/11 5:06 PM
santonio10 Eating wings from Anchor Bar in Buffalo,NY. #winning 11/6/11 6:22 PM

Tone Time

  • sandi

    Great write up Erik & I totally agree with you. I listened to the interview and I really don’t understand why people are hating so much

  • Joe Bummer

    The comments that bothered me are the ones where he’s claiming the Jets were scapegoating him, and used his outside interests as an easy way out. What exactly were the Jets supposed to scapegoating him about? They had the #1 defense in the NFL, why did they need a scapegoat?

    Fact is that Kerry was demoted, and it was based on his play. If they cited his acting and modeling, it was because they were looking for reasons this obviously physically gifted player wasn’t performing. They were giving KERRY an easy way out, not themselves.

    If he played as well as he made excuses, he’d still be on the team.

  • DK

    if you want to blow”Kerry” then you’ve succeeded. my lord that was sickening…

    he didnt “insubordinate” because he has a $30 million contract! get your head out of his ass!

  • http://twitter.com/Jbones72 Jim

    I liked KR, but I trust Rex’s judgement. If he dosen’t want him, I have to go with it. I do think eveyone may have over did the ripping the team stuff, but I still don’t get KR comparing himself & Sanchez with the trading for picks comment.

  • http://twitter.com/jetsquirrell paige

    I am gonna miss Kerry, and I can totally understand why he felt betrayed. When I heard, I felt betrayed for him.