Sanchez Gives Maybin Buffalo Bills’ Game Ball

Sanchez Gives Maybin Buffalo Bills’ Game Ball
AaronMaybin51 It was good seeing my old Blo fam today. But it does feel good to come home with the W. goodnight all. work 2 do in the AM. #JetsNation 11/6/11 10:42 PM

Aaron Maybin didn’t sack Fitzpatrick in the game yesterday but his presence clearly caused some “Mayhem” which caused a turnover.  Mark Sanchez, a leader of the team, rewarded Maybin with his first game ball.

Mayhem didn't record a sack but he was harrasing Fitzpatrick all Game

From ESPN – Aaron Maybin still has yet to record a sack in Buffalo.

But he managed to cause plenty of “Mayhem” against his former team in his return on Sunday afternoon — and a game-ball and a victory were more than enough for the 23-year-old pass rusher.

Maybin’s second-quarter pressure of Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick led to an ill-advised throw that was intercepted by David Harris, and the Jets went on to beat Buffalo, 27-11, at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Aaron Maybin

“Mark Sanchez gave me this: my first game ball,” Maybin said, pointing to the football inside his locker stall. “Anytime Mark Sanchez gives you something, it’s something you wanna hold on to. So I don’t think I’m ever getting rid of this, I think I want him to sign it for me.”

Aaron Maybin On Getting a Game Ball from Sanchez
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