Dustin Keller Finds out the Hard Way that He Can’t Fly

Dustin Keller Finds out the Hard Way that He Can’t Fly

Dustin Keller probably did one of the most brainless things on the field yesterday during the buffalo bills game.  He tried to leap two grown football players on a play that meant nothing.  It was early in the game and it wasn’t like he was going for the pile-on.  The score was still 0-0 and Keller had two choices only in my mind:  1.  Step out of bounds 2.  Run through both guys.

Dustin chose 3.  Leap tall buildings with a single bound.  Nope.

DUSTINKELLER81 Good morning twitter nation..as I reflect on yesterdays game, could someone please tell me why I tried to jump over that man??? Lol 11/7/11 6:55 AM

The good news is that he’s ok.  The bad news could have been that he knocked himself out of the game, thus changing the entire game plan which was to use Dustin heavily.  In fact when he was out, the Jets and Schotty had to change up the game plan and put in Mulligan.  What happens, a beautiful run by Greene that was called back by Mathew for holding.

Also it looked like Matt was lost as what shot showed Mark screaming at the TE right before they went to commercial.

Dustin Came Back in the 2nd Half and was Productive - (November 5, 2011 - Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images North America)