My Bet with the #BillsMafia and @JayChary

My Bet with the #BillsMafia and @JayChary

The big game is about to start and yes I made another bet on my team the NEW YORK JETS!   In the past the bets have been around the Patriots and the Dolphins but this is the first time EVER I’m making a deal with a Bills fan.  You heard a lot about the #BillsMafia this week on twitter (yes I outed them to the Jets fan base and have been retweeting a ton of their digs on the Jets) but these guys are true fans and for the most part a good fan base.

So here’s the bet:

The Jets Win, my man @jaychary will have to put a Jets Twibbon on his avatar.

If the Bills win, I have to sport a #BillsMafia twibbon over my avater.

They must stay on until the next time the Jets and Bills face off.

e_man Getting close #Jetsnation!! Let’s take this! #J_E_T_S_JETS_JETS_JETS 11/6/11 12:11 PM
jaychary @e_man yes it is #billsmafia can’t wait to see you rep that billsmafia… lol 11/6/11 12:14 PM
e_man@jaychary: If I lose yup I will and you doing the Jets. 11/6/11 12:15 PM
jaychary @e_man you know it man of my word don’t know to make a tweetbon so I might need help lol but I won’t have too…. #billsmafia 11/6/11 12:26 PMM