Sandler Appears On Eisen Podcast Says Rex Ryan is a Pats Fan?!

Sandler Appears On Eisen Podcast Says Rex Ryan is a Pats Fan?!

Get this.  Rex Ryan is a Patriots Fan oh…. and he practices law.  Don’t worry, he’s PRETENDING to do this in a movie which he is doing with Adam Sandler.  You know Adam is a huge Jets fan, right?  Sandler said Rex nailed the part.  I’m hoping that he plays the Patriots role as a condescending BOOB.  Now that would make up for him acting like he’s kissing Belichick’s Rings on screen.

From Rich Eisen’s Blog – In one of the more relaxed, funny and chill conversations we’ve ever had in the year-plus history of this show, Sandler talks about how far he thinks his Jets are going, his belief in Mark Sanchez and his run-in with Tom Brady, who thought Sandler was a Patriot fan because of his New England roots. Before getting to his movie, Sandler drops some news about his next still-untitled film coming out next summer: Jets coach Rex Ryan is in it. And he plays a Boston lawyer who, yes, likes the Patriots.

Go give it a listen!

Sandler on Set with Eisen Talking Jets Football

Rex Ryan is teaming up with Adam Sandler for a new movie in which the Jets coach plays — get ready for this — a New England Patriots fan.

Sandler told NFL Network’s Rich Eisen for his podcast Thursday that Ryan is a Boston-based “inexpensive” lawyer in the still untitled movie. Sandler says Ryan was “loose and funny” about playing “a mammoth Patriots fan” who talks about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady — a detail that was written into the script for the Jets coach.

That’s sure to be a shocking sight for Jets fans.

Sandler, whose upcoming movie “Jack and Jill” will be in theaters on Nov. 11, is an avid Jets fan who has attended several games, and says Ryan is “really cool” and “nailed” the part.