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Aaron Maybin Comes Across as a Humble Guy

Aaron Maybin Comes Across as a Humble Guy

I haven’t had a chance to really see Aaron Maybin get interviewed so this was probably the first time I got to see how really humble he comes across.  I like to think of myself as a great judge of character and just watching this, I get the feeling that he’s humble for just having a second chance to play the game he loves after being cast off from the Bills.

Want the full scoop.  Read this AMAZING article from Manish about Maybin’s struggles.

Maybin is Reborn with Gang Green!

TheJetsStream Jets @AaronMaybin51′s amazing journey: How painting & poetry helped him overcome tragedies,including death of his son http://t.co/YwRkn3KU 10/30/11 5:42 AM
e_man Just watched Maybin in the wheelhouse. Is it me or is he very humble? #jets 11/3/11 9:37 PM
NYJET_Prime @e_man humble 11/3/11 9:38 PM
EileenKirsch @e_man I saw the show too. He is such a great guy!! So glad Rex gave him another chance! @AaronMaybin51 11/3/11 9:50 PM