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Folk and Jets Make $28K for @ChildrensTumor Gala

Folk and Jets Make $28K for @ChildrensTumor Gala
nickfolk2 Headed to @ChildrensTumor gala in the city! Going to be a fun night! Let’s raise a lot of money tonight for a great cause! 11/2/11 5:41 PM
nickfolk2 Just met @CavsNick! Awesome person and he has to tweet the pic we took! @ChildrensTumor 11/2/11 7:06 PM
nickfolk2 Great night at the @ChildrensTumor gala! Great turnout and the #Jets package made $28,000. Thanks for all the support and help by the jets. 11/2/11 11:00 PM




Nick Folk, Good Guy.