Nick Folk Facebook Page is Born

Nick Folk Facebook Page is Born

Nick Folk was tweeting pictures that were being fed from a Facebook fan page.  Upon further review, it looks like Nick just created the page as he only has 15 Likes.  Jets fans, go like the page to keep up to date and see what our kicker is up to.

It looks like Nick is a busy boy during the week.

nickfolk2 Big @ChildrensTumor Gala tomorrow night in NYC! Excited to help out and try to find a cause to end this terrible disease! 11/1/11 8:39 PM

Nick Shaking Alec Baldwins Hand

nickfolk2 Getting ready to beat the #bills. #Jetsnation come out in full force this weekend in Buffalo!! 11/1/11 10:38 PM

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  • sandi

    I totally agree with you!! I wish he wasn’t leaving :(

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hate that this trade has happened, but I am surprised how (relatively) little it took.

    Like some Jets fans, and unlike many others, I’m not for hating on Kerry. I do think he could have left more on the field in many games but he did a job. And he did it well enough that I’d have welcomed him being on the roster this year.

    However, he didn’t do his job SO WELL that there isn’t somebody else that can come and do it. And whoever comes in will be Rex and a Mike T player.

    And who isn’t excited by that?