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Former Bills’ WR Andre Reed a Jets Fan?

Former Bills’ WR Andre Reed a Jets Fan?
Andre_Reed83 Big Game @the Ralph this Sunday…J E TS jets jets jets 11/1/11 3:03 PM

Wait… Andre Reed is a Jets fan?  Did he not chant the Jets chant in that tweet above.  Ok, Andre, I guess you are NOT a Jets fan.  Looking at your timeline, I know you still support the team that took you to the Super Bowl game four years in a row.

Here’s a tip though… If you chant J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, that means you support us.  Just saying.

Andre_Reed83 Great win by the Bills yesterday… Looks like the bye week really kept the focused w much attitude.Bring on the Jets to the Ralph!!!!!! 10/31/11 12:12 PM