The Buffalo Bills Rally the Troops on Twitter Using Tag #BillsMafia

The Buffalo Bills Rally the Troops on Twitter Using Tag #BillsMafia

As I was doing some searches on Twitter on the term “Jets” this morning I noticed that it was being included with the hashtag #BillsMafia by Bills fans.  Clicking around and looking at the Bills players I noticed that they refer to their fans as the #BillsMafia and include them in a ton of tweets as well:

dabody52 Big win today!!!!!! Thanks for all the support!!!!!!!! #billsnation #billsmafia #dontcrossthemoats 10/30/11 9:57 PM

Now I never heard of the term “Bills Mafia” until this morning and finding it by accident leads me to believe that it’s a major movement online!  There is a web site with the story of how the movement was born.  There  are #BillsMafia T-shirts, someone created a #Twibbon (a logo to go over your avatar for twitter.)  I’ll be honest, I like it.  It uses the twitter bird and is modified to have a taste of the Bills in it.

Twibbon for the #BillsMafia

Bills fans are ready for the Bills to battle the Jets, just check out these tweets:

Nate6to8 @RealBradSmith You ready to show the jets what’s up #billsmafia 11/1/11 8:34 AM
always_az Good morning #BillsMafia :-) Its 5:26am ib az & my first thought was I WISH IT WAS KICKING JETS ASS SUNDAY ALREADY !!! 11/1/11 8:27 AM
tblonsky1 So excited about Bills vs. Jets #Billsmafia #Bills 11/1/11 8:07 AM
mbcstudio @CJSPILLER I’m still up too. Big win this Sunday. Lets get another W against the jets sunday #BillsMafia 11/1/11 2:25 AM
micah8056 Wants to watch the first place bills dominate the 3rd place jets Sunday with every jet fan i know #billsmafia 10/31/11 5:30 PM
MrMomforNow Is there an over/under yet on how long it’ll take Rex Ryan to say something Rex Ryanish this week? #Bills #Jets #BILLSMAFIA 10/31/11 1:48 PM
jameswehner Good ol Rex Ryan.. Maybin, Nelson… friggin asshole. He’ll probably cut them both after this weekends game. Bring on the Jets. #BillsMafia 10/31/11 10:46 AM

Here are some of the shirts from #BillsMafia:

From the Store

As significant as this movement looks, NOTHING tops the New York Jets and the impact it has on social media.  Jets Nation STILL RULES the interwebs on Twitter, Facebook and the web!

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