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Bye Week Over Jets Players Travel Back to Work

Bye Week Over Jets Players Travel Back to Work

The BYE week is officially over as some of the Jets players were traveling and tweeting back to NJ to get ready for a HUGE match up this week against the Buffalo Bills.  With the Dolphins in the tank and the Patriots losing last night, the division is up for grabs and right now it’s a three team race between the Jets, Pats and Bills.

Let’s hope the Jets have a great week and let’s show the world the we are for real!  Here are some of the tweets of the players traveling back.  Most players got out of dodge for the week and were traveling back into the snow land.

AaronMaybin51 My Daughter woke me up this morning playing with my eyelids and she has been on the move ever since…when she closes her eyes its all over. 10/29/11 9:07 PM
AaronMaybin51 Just said goodbye to the lil one. Hate seeing her go, but daddys gotta get back to the #business. Hope everyone has a blessed sunday 10/30/11 9:10 AM
quice Travel day…. 10/30/11 1:10 PM
quice …..first delay 10/30/11 2:03 PM
quice Second delay…….. 10/30/11 3:21 PM
quice Third delay…. 10/30/11 5:15 PM
jcumberland86 Damn this storm knocked the my cable out got to find else where to watch the games 10/30/11 12:02 PM
smcknight21 Flight back to NJ…heard its been snowing…sweeeet 10/30/11 5:33 PM
KenrickEllis Am the only one with no cable right now? 10/30/11 6:58 PM
JCONNER38 It was so good to be home and visit school.. man I’ve missed it. Headed back to the East 10/30/11 7:13 PM
GVMcElroy Just landed back in Newark. Where is the snow? 10/30/11 7:30 PM
marcusdixon94 Boarding nkw…Great bye week but #Jetnation it’s time to take care of business!!! 2 big games coming up 10/30/11 7:33 PM
  • Icon48432

    did anyone notice how while the Pittsburgh offense looked to the sidelines for signals the Patriots D did also. You would think they would want to communicate with their OWN sidelines. Unless they had an idea about the signaling code. From a prior tape perhaps? Just looked odd vs. what we are used to seeing from the colleges etc.