The L7 Crew ‘Charged’ Up After the Jets Win Over San Diego

The L7 Crew ‘Charged’ Up After the Jets Win Over San Diego

On a beautiful crisp autumn morning, the L7 crew once again gathered around the pole on the north part of the parking lot in the L Section of MetLife Stadium to get ready for when the New York Jets took on the San Diego Chargers.  The core crew has made this spot one of the hottest places to tailgate and this past Sunday was no exception.

Our regular “chef” of the tailgate Suzzette Tomaska was unable to attend the game but Brian, her husband, brought their son Dillon to his first ever Jets game!  The little 5-year old blondie was a hit immediately where he posed for more pictures than he can ever remember only to be hoisted on the shoulders of L7′s own Fireman Ed, Jimmy (@JimmyJets).  Check out the video of the chant Dillion led:

BroadwayJoe.TV Makes another Appearance

The president and friend of this blog, Angelo Mandarano made a visit to L7 where he was taking his daughter to her first Jets game ever.   Joe advises and works closely with Joe Namath’s web site and all his social media activities including his Facebook and Twitter accounts.  If you recall, Caitlin Fitzgereald from BroadwayJoe.TV, visited us the week prior.

Put Panda on the IR

Plax has a big game and Panda breaks his foot!

L7′s own Joe “Panda” Grinwis ( @L7Panda ) had an eventful day maybe even more exciting than his idol Plaxico Burress.  You know the receiver blew up with 3 TDs in the game, but Joe was so excited about his performance he made sure everyone returning to L7 knew about it.  He was screaming to anyone who was near by pulling on his #17 Jersey where he then proceeded to what I can only describe as a “Martin Gramitica” jump celebration.   Remember that celebration was known as one of the biggest epic fail celebrations.  Will Panda’s make the top ten? :)

He came down awkwardly on his foot where he spent the rest of the after-tailgate icing his foot.  The next day we found out he broke his foot.  So thank goodness we have a bye next week, where it will give Joe two weeks to heal up hopefully in time for the Sunday Night Tailgate against the Pats.  Will we have to put Panda on the IR?  Only time will tell.

The Four Horsemen of the Jets Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen: Jeff, Deb, Drew and Brian

If you search for the hashtag #fourhorsemen, you may find tweets from Drew, Brian, Deb and Jeff or otherwise known as the FOUR HORSEMEN of twitter.  You won’t find another group of die-hards who are more knowledgeable, emotional and down right funny when it comes to the New York Jets.

For example, for Drew’s birthday, look at the cake Deb brought for him to the L7 tailgate.  If I had to guess, the fact that Joe McKnight was on the cake probably had to stem from one of their epic conversations on twitter.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Drew wasn’t a fan early on, but Deb was making sure he knew maybe he was wrong to judge the youngster.

UPDATE:  Drew let me know that he’s actually a FAN BOY.

DrewfromJersey @e_man Haha, only issue is I was the only #McKnight fan when the rest of our fanbase destroyed him. @LilMissNYJet knew #McKnight is my binky 10/25/11 10:09 AM

Only at L7 Would You Find a Cake Like This!


Now That's a Classic!

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