Nick Mangold Thinks He’s Old… Let Me Tell you My Game Day Experience.

Nick Mangold Thinks He’s Old… Let Me Tell you My Game Day Experience.
nickmangold I know its turrrrible of me to say this at 1040pm but I had a great night in NYC. #too_old 10/24/11 10:43 PM

Nick thinks he’s old?  You and me both brother!  At least Nick didn’t spend this weekend at his 20 Year H.S. Reunion like I did staying up to 2am Saturday night.  I kept telling my friend that there is NO way we would be waking up to get in line at 7:00am at MetLife Stadium for our L7 Tailgate before the Jets and Chargers game.  Well we made it but we had an interesting morning to start off:

1.  My Dad’s dashboard on his Truck (we only use it for tailgates) lit up like a Christmas tree and we had to take mine after removing all the garbage off the floor (kids) and their car seats.  Not something you want to be doing at 6am in the dark.

2.  I told my father to stop at Dunkin Donuts where I poured an XL HOT SCOLDING COFFEE on my leg.  After screaming and wiping the steam off the windows, we had to back track to the house where I removed all hints of Pumpkin Swirl from my body.

3. One exit away form the stadium, our car was almost hit by a high speed chase where I know the guy must have flown past us going at least 150MPH.  The sound of all the state troopers flying by us was surreal to say the least.  What was almost as surprising was the wind gust our truck got caught in from the vacuum he made when he passed us at that speed.  UNREAL.

Well at least it was a nice day to take a nap!

So there you have it…. I’m too OLD for all that.  Would you believe, and I hate to admit this, but during half time, I nodded off in my seats.  Everyone had a good laugh at my head bobbing.  No Nick, you are not OLD, I’m old!