Keepy Bringing the “Mayhem” @AaronMaybin51

Keepy Bringing the “Mayhem” @AaronMaybin51

Jet Fans are excited about Aaron Maybin‘s play, I know I am.  He recorded another Sack against the Chargers and I love his play with a constant motor running on the field.  Now let’s see if the Jets use him even more as he’s only be getting in the games for a handful of plays.

AaronMaybin51 Another one for them Gang Green boys…#winning 10/23/11 5:09 PM

From the day the Jets first signed Aaron Maybin in August, Rex Ryan has said that the linebacker could have an impact if he was just given the time to absorb the playbook and an opportunity to play.

The irony is that Maybin has gotten very little of either, and he’s still become one of the team’s most productive players. – Read More from the

Just Wait Until Aaron Learns the Entire Play Book!

Rex Ryan
“He has a relentless motor and he’s always thinking about getting those takeaways. And eventually, he’s going to learn our whole defense and that’s really going to be exciting.”
Rex Ryan On Maybin's Play

The Jets are in their BYE Week now, but they play the Buffalo Bills when they get back in Buffalo.  I’m going to say that Rex makes him a captain.  I was excited to see Maybin lead the team out of the tunnel this week against the Chargers.  Aaron has two weeks to learn more of the playbook which will give him more of an opportunity to see playing time against the team who’s fan base called him Aaron ‘Maybe”.  I’m predicting BIG THINGS for number 51.  He keeps playing like this, and I may just have to buy an authentic 51.

  • Erik Manassy

    Very Interesting! Thomas Jones back with the Jets!? That would be great!

  • Jim

    like it, and it will make losing LW, which I think is happening, a little easier to take

    • Erik Manassy

      It’s 50/50 right now of losing Leon.

  • Rich

    Jones has to be feeling disrespected by the Jets. Also, the Browns have expressed interest in him. I could foresee team’s being more interested in him on a one-year deal than Westbrook or LT. It would be great if the Jets could get him back, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    • Erik Manassy

      I heard that the Lions are also interested in TJ. It depends if the teams are going to fork up the dough for him. If they don’t, we’ll resign him for less. *hopefully*

  • ZIPS00

    F JONES, he is a bum, LW is so $, what are we going to do on 3rd an 12? Sanchez needs LW more that any one can imagine and Jones is nothing but a primadona… Always has been, always will be…

    • Erik Manassy

      Ok, so he’s a primadona but you don’t think he did well this past season. I want the Jets to keep all three backs to be honest. Look at what happened to all three of them. Leon broke his leg, Greene had the ribs the last game, and Jones puddered out because he was overused.

      Players will always have egos, I can live with them as long as they are putting numbers on the field. Jones did that.

      With that said, totally agree with you… Leon is $$$ and we need to pay him some.

  • Don Argenta

    give this kid a start at Buf