Guess Which Ring of Honor 2011 Inductee I Ran Into?

Guess Which Ring of Honor 2011 Inductee I Ran Into?

I got to bump into Gerry Philbin after the game as I was walking past the club house on Monday Night.  He was leaving and I was going in, and I recognized him fast.  He was making a B-line to the exit, but I stuck my hand out and he shook it.  I TOUCHED his Super Bowl Ring!  It was awesome.

I know, look… it’s the little things in life that get me excited, but let me tell you that his ring or his hand were anything but little!

mhiggins Lots of #JETS greats tonight. At halftime Grantham, McNeil, Philbin, Toon inducted in #JETS Ring of Honor. 10/17/11 7:26 PM

Ring of Honor 2011

  • Anonymous

    OK, the sporting press pretty much had this nailed. And many would argue that second round pick is great business for someone who’s not a starter, doesn’t play every down and is coming off an injury. And I wouldn’t disagree.

    But the cold, hard facts don’t tell the full story.

    You have to look beyond the numbers to see the reasons why the fans are upset. Leon was a guy who gave you everything, was a clutch back and the way he handled himself epitomised the Jets’ philosophy.

    And that’s the nub.

    Whether this deal turns out to be ‘good business’ or not; I for one will be sorry to see Leon go.

    (Twitter: JETS_fan_UK)

    • Erik Manassy

      Ryan – You nailed it! Fans are upset because the Leon never complains, had an ugly injury, busts his butt to get back to the team only to be tendered only at a 2nd.

      It seems cold the way players get treated. We get it, it’s a business and maybe the “soft” conversations are happening in back rooms but we don’t see it. *I doubt they are happening, trying to put a spin on it!*

      Fans react poorly to things like this ESPECIALLY when a player like Leon is well liked. It rubs his teammates the wrong way as well! Look at the comments of the O-line when TJ was cut!!

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Some players wear the shirt and some players are the shirt.

        I think it takes a special kind of person to truly ‘be a Jet’.

        And the irony is that our best bit of business is likely to be for KR. A player who didn’t live up to his billing – rather than those that really mean something to their colleagues and fans.

        • Erik Manassy

          So you think KR is gone? Lost of rumors swirling. The last was Boldin from the Cards was in the mix.

          • Anonymous

            Well that’s the rumour I was basing it on but I don’t think it’s a some deal. By all accounts Boldin wants serious dinero.

            The point is, KR would likely get us out best deal. Though I don’t know what we could ask for Braylon but that’s another story.

            Look! You’ve turned me into a comments whore!

          • Erik Manassy

            That’s the plan! LOL!

  • Rich

    I don’t want to sound inconsiderate to Leon or his fans, but I’d be very happy if a team made him an offer and the Jets received a comp 2nd round pick. Then they can use a 2nd round pick on a tendered player like a CB or Safety and still have another 2nd round pick left.

    Starting Friday, things are going to get extremely interesting.

    I’ll be locked on Jetstwit for Jets info.

    • Erik Manassy

      Rich, that is probably what the Jets Brass are thinking IMO. If they really wanted to lock down Leon, they would have paid the 800k MORE and tendered him at 1. I think he’s gone and I think you are correct. They want an extra draft pick.