Rex Opens Mouth and A New Twitter HashTag is Born #IfRexRyan

Rex Opens Mouth and A New Twitter HashTag is Born #IfRexRyan

Rex Ryan just can’t help himself.  He’s always going to open his mouth to cause some kind of ruckus intentional or not, but it seems to always take pressure off of his team when going into a big game.  Rex said he would have not ONE ring like he predicted in New York, but a “couple” if he had gotten the HC job in San Diego.  The Jets play the 4-1 Chargers at MetLife Stadium this week.

What’s un-Rex like is that he then back tracked and reportedly called up Norv Turner, the current HC, to make sure he knew the comments were more for Rex’s ego and less about a dig on Norv.

Rex Ryan

“Well, I think I would have had a couple of rings,” Ryan said with a laugh on a conference call with the San Diego media Wednesday. “I’m telling you, those teams were loaded. There’s no question about it. “But things happen for a reason. Obviously, Norv Turner has done a great job there, and A.J. (Smith, the Chargers’ general manager) and everybody. That’s a great franchise. He (Turner) was probably the best guy for the job at that time.”

Rex Ryan On if he had Gotten the Chargers HC Job

So when news of the comments made twitter, a hash tag called #IfRexRyan was born and let me tell you, Jets fans were probably the most using it taking fun shots at the coach.   It follows the lines of the famous Jokes of Chuck Norris and how he’s the most invisible being in the universe.  Well move over Chucky, you have Rexy to contend with now!   It goes like this:

DJCHRISPY #IfRexRyan was Buddy Ryan, Kevin Gilbride would be in coma. 10/19/11 6:33 PM

Here are some more of my favorites:

coreymeadows #ifrexryan occupied wall street, there would be no room for the hippies to protest 10/20/11 3:23 AM
ryanhorne1028 I love that #ifRexRyan trended at a point on twitter today haha 10/19/11 11:10 PM
FayVincent #IfRexRyan were commissioner of baseball, no Wild Card team would have home field advantage over a division winner #worldseries #postseason 10/19/11 10:30 PM
BaByBuFfAlObUsH #ifrexryan were in a fight with #chucknoris it would be a tie 10/19/11 9:21 PM
SDChargersATX #ifRexRyan were president we would have a balanced budget. Scratch that we would have a surplus! 10/19/11 8:30 PM
greenbeansjn #IfRexRyan was more like his dad he’d knock out Schotty for his play calling. 10/19/11 8:20 PM
tommy_torocco #IfRexRyan was interviewd by @suzykolber, she’d wanna kiss him. 10/19/11 7:31 PM

And of course I had to get into the action:

e_man #IfRexRyan was a #jets fan he’d tailgate at #L7 10/19/11 8:13 PM
e_man #ifrexryan were a movie he’d be “Footloose” 10/19/11 8:08 PM
e_man #IfRexRyan was Mark Sanchez he’d be better than Brady and both Manning’s put together. 10/19/11 8:02 PM
e_man #IfRexRyan were on twitter he’d tweet 24/7 under the name @SBWinner 10/19/11 7:59 PM