Another Epic Tailgate at L7 for the MNF Jets/Dolphins Game

Another Epic Tailgate at L7 for the MNF Jets/Dolphins Game

The New York Jets walk away with a much needed victory Monday Night against the much hated rivals Miami Dolphins by crushing the down and out franchise to make them 0-5 for the season.  As usual, the crew from L7 was pumped and elated to have great weather for a Monday Night Tailgate.

AnthonyFuria Shoutouts to #L7 heard another great tailgate last night! @TheSheikh @e_man @L7tailgate @L7Panda @jetdom @btomaska @2SMART4 @DrewfromJersey 10/18/11 1:48 PM

The die-hard members of L7 were in line with me waiting at 2:00pm to get into the lots for 3:30pm.  If anyone is there early knows that the guards won’t open the gates until the clock strikes the precise time.  There are no exceptions.  If you arrive at the gate by the Giants “Timex” building, you will always find the L7 Tailgate’s founder Joe “Panda” Grinwis (@L7Panda) in the front of the pack waiting to get in.

The menu featured an L7 first, fresh grilled bruschetta prepared by the one and only chef of the tailgate Suzette Tomaska.

Grilled Bruschetta!! Only at L7!

Look at that Scene!

As always, anyone is welcome to join the L7 tailgate and we mostly get people who follow us on twitter!  I love when we can meet new peeps and put a name, er uh, twitter name to a face!

Ballzdrop @e_man @LaurNYJ BIG HUGE THANKS, to you for being so nice, and Introducing me to the entire L7……. Jets Nation is the BEST………. 10/18/11 10:39 AM
IrishHargz @ballzdrop welcome to #L7 bro, hope i will be there soon too to meet you 10/18/11 11:34 AM
Ballzdrop @IrishHargz THANKS, its nothing but GREAT people, the experience was AWESOME…………….. 10/18/11 11:40 AM
LaurNYJ @ballzdrop that was really sweet that you took the time to come meet us…Every week is an awesome time at #L7!! :-) @e_man 10/18/11 4:37 PM
walkdesign Same! RT @e_man I love meeting new peeps I’ve known online for a long time… @walkdesign pleasure meeting you!! Thanks for hooking my Dad up! 10/18/11 2:07 PM

My Dad and I enjoying our Tailgate Ritual

Tone Time with Brian and Lauren

btomaska Another phenomenal job by @TheSheikh with the #L7 Pics. Luv the 1 of @e_man & @L7Smiles .The man has a true talent people. #Recognize 10/18/11 11:43 AM
e_man @btomaska @thesheikh Just saw the pictures… VERY NICE. I really like the one you captured of my Father and I smoking stogies. LOL. 10/18/11 1:34 PM
TheSheikh @e_man haha .. gotta love the candid pics.. 10/18/11 1:37 PM

BroadwayJoe.TV’s Caitlin Fitzgerald visits L7

Caitlin Fitzgerald (@caitmfitz), the BroadwayJoe TV Reporter and student from West Virginia, paid L7 a visit and had a chance to speak with the founders of the Tailgate.  She also was visiting with other fans to talk about the biggest Jets’ rivalries.  Most people picked the Dolphins and I would have to concur.  There were some epic battles between Marino and O’Brien but let’s not speak of the “Spike Game”.

e_man I confirmed someone from Joe Namath’s Camp will be at @L7tailgate tonight with a video Camera for – thx @RealJoeNamath 10/17/11 9:22 AM
caitmfitz @e_man @L7tailgate @RealJoeNamath That would be me!! Can’t wait!! 10/17/11 1:50 PM

Moose Had a Night

Only at L7 will you find a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan with season tickets to the New York Jets.   Known at “Moose or @M2daOOSe” on twitter, Moose was interviewed by the channel Telemundo where he had to explain why he was at a Jets game.  The entire interview was done in Spanish so I have NO IDEA how it went or what they spoke about.

Moose being interviewd by Telemundo

Later in the day, I guess from all the excitement, Moose left his battery drain out where he had to call for help and added some extra drama when a tank of a truck from AAA came in to assist Moose.

Remember Kids, Turn off Your Car


Joe's Pep Talk to Revis Worked

Another Good Time at L7