Nick Mangold Rewards Jets Tickets to a Dolphins Fan?

Nick Mangold Rewards Jets Tickets to a Dolphins Fan?

Big Nick Mangold ran a contest on Twitter last night giving away two tickets to the Miami Dolphins Jets MNF Game.  Trust me, with both records in the tank (a Combined 2-7), the stadium won’t be packed tonight despite it being on Monday Night.

So Nick rewarded a winner only to learn later that the fan was wearing a Dolphins shirt in the picture.  Also, the fan locked his account so you couldn’t see the pictures on his twit pic account.

nickmangold I’ve got two tickets for Monday night’s game that I want to give away. Contest for said tickets coming in 30 mins. #freetickets 10/16/11 6:11 PM
nickmangold Contest for the 2 tickets to Monday night’s game will be here shortly. It will be simple and require a picture, fyi 10/16/11 6:47 PM
nickmangold The 13th person to send a picture of themselves wearing a #JETS shirt or jersey (preferably 74) wins the tickets. GO!!!! 10/16/11 6:52 PM
nickmangold WINNER! RT @nickisamazing3: @nickmangold 10/16/11 7:06 PM

Is it me, Or is he Giving a Thumbs Down?!

nickmangold I’ve been alerted to the fact that the winner is wearing a dolphin’s shirt (not cool) in his twitter pic. I am getting the bottom of this 10/16/11 7:22 PM
nickmangold I have decided that @nickisamazing3 will keep the tickets. @Grego19 of the @MangoldManiacs will confirm his #JETS love at the game 10/16/11 10:20 PM