I’m Not Buying The Reason The Jets Traded Derrick Mason

I’m Not Buying The Reason The Jets Traded Derrick Mason

I said it right after the Patriot’s game and I’ll say it now four days later, something is fishy about the Derrick Mason being benched and then later traded to the Houston Texans.

There is NO WAY you just trade a guy, a veteran who was the third receiver, because he wasn’t producing.  If this were the case, why didn’t the Steelers drop Jerricho Cotchery?.  I know he hasn’t been producing, or even get on to the field.  I’m not buying the “he didn’t produce” excuse.

I personlly believe Derrick Mason may have opened his mouth and rubbed someone the wrong way and they shipped him out to make an example out of him.  They did it because the Jets are currently on a three came losing streak and I know they would never would have happened if the Jets record is 4-1 right now.

The rumor is that the Jets were shopping him around after week 4, the Ravens game.  You mean to tell me that you will dump a veteran after only four games of the season and the reason you give is because you didn’t like his production and wanted to see more of Jeremy Kerley.  If you wanted to see more of Kerley, here’s a thought, just put him in the game over Derrick.  They both dressed for all four games.  (The Jets did exactly that in Week 5)

Also, look at the production of WR #1 and WR#2, Holmes and Burress.  Last I checked, they didn’t have sexy numbers either but Derrick was the number three.  You KNOW he is going to have lower numbers.  The Tight End and running backs were getting more balls because of the check downs.

Is it really Derrick’s fault he was only targeted 23 times?  You can say he wasn’t getting open, but you and I know the truth of the problems of the first four games.  No offensive line protection for Mark was resulting in him getting rid of the ball in 2.5 seconds and the only time he has was to throw the check downs.  If Mark wasn’t on his back he was running for his life and it was hardly any time to be looking for a third option, Derrick.

The Jets INSIST that this was not the knee jerk reaction from Derrick voicing his concerns about the offense, specifically the play calling from Brian Schottenheimer.  They also state the jets were NOT trying to “Send a Message” to the rest of the team.

Look at this video of Derrick talking about the environment of the Jets locker room and also his knowledge of the play book.  This looks like it was shot in pre-season.  He looks pretty happy and Pouha, who’s interviewing him, has much respect for him in the video.

Rex Ryan

“I’m on record saying he’s going to catch 80 balls because that’s the kind of respect I have for Derrick,” Ryan said at his daily news conference. “I was probably the most excited guy in the building when Derrick decided to sign here. For whatever reason, it hadn’t happened. We weren’t getting the balls to him or whatever, it’s hard to say. But it was more the emergence of Jeremy. There’s a fine line. We’re trying to win now and he’s a young player who’s actually going to ascend.”

Rex Ryan On his prediction that Mason was going to do big Things

Rex says that it was the EMERGENCE of Jeremy Kerley.  Let’s see exactly what he did to emerge:

Receiving Rushing Scoring
Rk G# Date Opp Result Rec Yds Y/R TD Att Yds Y/A TD TD Pts
1 1 2011-09-11 DAL W 27-24 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 2 2011-09-18 JAX W 32-3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 3 2011-09-25 @ OAK L 24-34 0 0 0 1 -2 -2.00 0 0 0
4 4 2011-10-02 @ BAL L 17-34 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 5 2011-10-09 @ NWE L 21-30 3 35 11.67 1 0 0 0 1 6
5 Games 3 35 11.67 1 1 -2 -2.00 0 1 6
Provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 10/13/2011.
Rk G# Date Opp Result Rec Yds Y/R TD
1 1 2011-09-11 DAL W 27-24 3 19 6.33 0
2 2 2011-09-18 JAX W 32-3 1 7 7.00 0
3 3 2011-09-25 @ OAK L 24-34 6 45 7.50 0
4 4 2011-10-02 @ BAL L 17-34 2 37 18.50 0
5 5 2011-10-09 @ NWE L 21-30 1 7 7.00 0
5 Games 13 115 8.85 0
Provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 10/13/2011.

Remember, Kerley also returns punts and kicks but that’s not the reason he emerged.  In order to be fair to Derrick (because he didn’t return kicks), you would have to compare the receiving stats.  Also remember that the Jets made their decision to sit Derrick down after 6 plays in the fifth game, so their disappointment of Mason and their noticed emergence of Kerley was through the first four games.

Get all that?  Kerley had 0 catches for 0 yards while Derrick had 12 catches for 108 yards through four games.  When Rex says emergence, I MUST ASSUME that he is talking about practice and camp because there was no emerging going on during the games.

Mike Tannenbaum

“Why [Derrick] wasn’t a success on the field, there are probably a lot of factors that could go into that,” Tannenbaum said. “Suffice it to say he just didn’t play at the level he had hoped and we had hoped. And again, going back to what’s best for the team, getting Kerley on the field we saw as a real positive and that’s why we made the decision.

“Also from my perspective, when you run a team you look at other things like budgets and salary caps and potential for draft choices, what you can do with those. There are other factors that go into it. But Kerley was obviously a big factor.”

Mike Tannenbaum Insists Mason's Exodus is for Budget Reasons

I’m not buying budget either.  The Jets are something like 10+ Million UNDER the cap.  Unless they are getting ready for a block buster trade before Tuesday’s deadline and want to clear even more money, I just can’t buy that the books were the reason Mason was let go.

KristianRDyer Tannenbaum on Mason “What he said after the Baltimore game had nothing to do with what he said last night.” #Jets 10/12/11 12:24 PM
KristianRDyer Kerley said he found out about the trade on Twitter, Tannenbaum called him 10:30 last night to ask if he was ready to start. #Jets 10/12/11 2:46 PM

Call me a skeptic, but I’m not buying the reason the Jets give.  I believe there is more to this story.  I hope I’m wrong, but it feels like there could be more internal issues and I think this happens when a team that is expected to win the Super Bowl plays like the Jets have been in the first five games of the season.

Do you buy any of this, or am I just crazy?  Thoughts?!


  • Delajoops

    I am sure Mason’s remarks helped grease the wheels for his exit, but his performance was awful.  Just using the simple stats you supplied, you can see Kerley (when given the chance, gains significantly more yards per plays.  This speaks to his explosion and bigger play ability.  You’re looking at his lack of plays as a sign he isn’t better, but I look at it as, he was sitting behind Mason and actually saw the field far less than Mason.  As a result, most of all the snaps Mason has played have been insignificant and Mason’s numbers prove it.  

    By the way, in the offseason, the plan was always to give the slot to Kerley, but Mason sort of fell out of the sky, and the thinking at the time was, ‘he’s an upgrade’, but it just didn’t work out, he’s been awful.To be fair, Kerley’s sample size is so small, that it’s safe to say he hasn’t necessarily proven himself to be any better, but then again, he has all the upside.In the end, I think you’re making this out to be more than it is, because Mason was awful, and the Jets really did like Kerley, in fact, I’m pretty sure the Jets actually traded up in the draft for Kerley.

  • Anonymous

    No offense but who really cares what the reason is? Because a professional sports organization lied to the public? That’s not a shocker.  As long as Kerley plays better than Mason and develops a chemistry with Sanchez something he needs desperately for the long term, I’m happy.