Jets Send a Message to Team, Put Up or Get Out; Mason Exiled

Jets Send a Message to Team, Put Up or Get Out; Mason Exiled
e_man Mason’s Pouting + Slow Start + Kerley’s Recent Play + Msg Needed to be sent to rest of team = 1-Way Ticket out of NY for Dee 10/12/11 7:42 AM

The New York Jets are 2-3 and many are questioning if it’s time to put a fork in this year’s super bowl aspirations.  It’s no secret that many are unhappy with the production of the offense and a report came out yesterday that the 3 WR’s were complaining about the direction of the offense.  Well apparently one of the complainers is no longer with the team.  Derrick Mason was traded to Houston last night.

The announcement came out of nowhere and with the trade deadline looming next Tuesday, Mason was made an example of to possibly get this team on high alert.

RichCimini #Jets make trade, send Derrick Mason to Texans for conditional draft pick, according to Houston Chronicle. 10/11/11 10:21 PM
RichCimini Conditional 7th round pick for Mason, per source. #Jets 10/11/11 10:47 PM
RichCimini #Jets get Mason’s salary off the books, but he ended up costing them $670k (roster bonus + 5 wks pay). 10/12/11 12:32 AM

Derrick played only four games (five if you want to count the six plays he was in for the NE game) and put up 13 catches for 115 yards and no TDs.  Will the Jets miss his production, NO, and they are fortunate to have Kerley, the rookie, who stepped up and scored his first TD last week as Mason’s replacement.

Rk G# Date Age Tm Opp Result Rec Yds Y/R TD
1 1 2011-09-11 37-237 NYJ DAL W 27-24 3 19 6.33 0
2 2 2011-09-18 37-244 NYJ JAX W 32-3 1 7 7.00 0
3 3 2011-09-25 37-251 NYJ @ OAK L 24-34 6 45 7.50 0
4 4 2011-10-02 37-258 NYJ @ BAL L 17-34 2 37 18.50 0
5 5 2011-10-09 37-265 NYJ @ NWE L 21-30 1 7 7.00 0
5 Games 13 115 8.85 0

Derrick reportedly was slow to pick up on the offense which is surprising since he comes from Baltimore who ran a similar one as the Jets.  Was Mason not dedicated to the team and putting in his time?  Did he have other things on his mind?

One thing is for certain is that he was traveling back to his family every weekend in Nashville according to his tweets but as a long time veteran at age 37 with young kids, I don’t blame the guy in the least.   Here is Derrick’s tweets about his travels and his family.  I think it was tearing him up to have to leave them.

deemason85 Enjoyed my family! Now back to nj…. Phil 4:13 10/11/11 10:45 AM
deemason85 On plane back to nj!! 10/4/11 9:00 PM
deemason85 Ha ing a very good day! About to pick my two Angela up from school, can’t wait to see there beautiful faces!! 9/27/11 4:11 PM
deemason85 So proud of my children! They both r doing great in school! I’m not surprised just a proud papa.. Hahaha 9/23/11 1:58 PM
deemason85 Fathers dnt be afraid to kiss and tell ur sons you love them every day! That makes them stronger men when they get older!! 9/23/11 2:01 PM
deemason85 And alway stress to ur daughters how beautiful and special they are! 9/23/11 2:03 PM

I don’t think his traveling lead to his departure, but I’m sure if you combine his complaining, with his production and the rise of young Kerley, maybe Mason became the scapegoat and the shot in the arm the Jets needed to wake with team up from it’s current haze.


  • Nunya

    Can’t really blame Mason for the offense’s struggles.  Sanchez is looking like Flacco(that’s not a good thing).  The offensive line is horrible, which makes Sanchez look even worse.  The running game isn’t getting anything done either.  And when the offense finally does make a play, someone decides to fumble the ball.

    The defense isn’t nearly as bad as they’ve been playing.  They are simply frustrated and disinterested when they know the offense is just going to sabotage any hard work the defense has done.  This same issue came up in Baltimore quite a few years.

    The Jets got their point across to other players, and hopefully it is a wakeup call.  Mason gets to be on a team where he has the chance to start and play significant minutes… and with a much better QB.  Texas is also closer to Tennessee!

    • Erik Manassy

      I totally agree Nunya!  GREAT REPLY!

      • Guest

        Agree with most of the first comment, but Schaub is not a better QB than Sanchez. Better fantasy QB maybe, but he has no history of winning big games in tough situations and no playoff appearances, let alone wins.

        • Erik Manassy

          Never meant it as Schaub is a better QB than Sanchez.