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We Made the Patriots D Look Better than they Were

We Made the Patriots D Look Better than they Were

I posted earlier this morning about my thoughts on the Jets loss to the Patriots, but as I make my rounds to the other blogs and news outlets, I’m finding stats and quotes that frankly make me very sick.

rodboone Why didn’t #Jets pass more? Is Mangold still OK after playing? Did Sanchez get hurt? Answers in this Q&A: 10/10/11 8:37 AM

Coming into this game, the patriots were dead last with giving up points, so we should have had a field day, right?  Wrong.  I read this quote from the NYPost and almost puked in my mouth:


How bad was it? This bad: The Jets had the ball 11 times yesterday. Seven of those possessions resulted in three-and-out. How bad was it? Those seven three-and-outs came against a defense that had produced exactly eight three-and-outs in its first four games.

The Jets O is in a Funk

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