Should the Jets Fire Brian Schottenheimer?

Should the Jets Fire Brian Schottenheimer?

The theme I’m seeing Monday after the third Jets Loss:  FIRE BRIAN SCHOTTENHEIMER!  Do you believe he’s the cause for the Jets offensive woes?  Vote Below!

NYPost_Hubbuch Can’t be good for Schottenheimer’s job security that a former NFL head coach who took his team to the Super Bowl is the Jets’ OL coach. 10/10/11 1:08 PM
NYPost_Hubbuch Firing an offensive coordinator in midseason isn’t ideal, but promoting Bill Callahan would be a relatively smooth transition. #Jets 10/10/11 1:11 PM
  • Efass3

    i have been saying this for years… dump him NOW. salvage the season

    • Erik Manassy

      Or is it smarter to wait until the end of the season.

  • AL Spaulding

    He needs to go. Fire him now. Before the Dolphins game. we have 2 games before the bye. I’d rather end up with a 9-7 record and have him gone. This is gone on long enough

  • Samuel Vazquez

    I have been saying to anyone that will listen that the play calling is the problem.  He needs to go.

  • Steven B

    Tannenbaum and Rex screwed this up as they don’t have the talent on the line that they need.  Their drafting has been poor and they have not done too well in free agency lately.  On the OL, they lose Faneca and Woody in two years and replace them with nobody.  Ducasse was a bad pick and they keep hoping he will work out. Why did we not get an OL to replace Woody this year, like McKinnie from the Vikings?  Their defense is bad this year as they get older and older..  Kyle Wilson stinks and Cromartie is not great (would rather of had Joseph than Cro this year).  

    • Erik Manassy

      I agree with most of this but you have to give Kyle Wilson a pass.  You have to admit he’s stepped up this year.