My Thoughts @e_man on the Jets Loss to the Patriots

My Thoughts @e_man on the Jets Loss to the Patriots
e_man If this makes any sense: This was the Jets best loss of the season. Feel me? 10/9/11 7:22 PM

The New York Jets lost their third game in a row and have been looking for some consistency from week to week.  They are getting improved play from their defense and special teams but the offense is in a whirl wind.  What’s going on with this team?  Is it the O-line, the running backs, Mark Sanchez, the play calling or something else?

Oh and let’s not forget about the bad calls, but all teams get them and frankly it did not lose us the game yesterday.

The Refs were Bad, but We Lost the Game

As you are well aware, there have been many calls for Schotty’s head, Mark’s benching, and many questioning did Mr. T have a bad off-season signing depth to this team.

Of the last three games, I feel the most hope coming out of this loss.  Yes, we lost another game but we were actually in this game and the offense showed some promise as opposed to the games against the Raiders and Ravens.  Not to make an excuse for this team, but think about the last three away games we just played.  All three are probably the most difficult to play on the road.  In fact I would say they are the top three teams in the league where it’s difficult to pull out a victory.

Gleams of Hope

  • Shonn Greene ran once again with a purpose.  He didn’t eclipse 100 yards, but he made every yard look like it was earned.  He was smashing people again and plowing for those extra yards.
  • How valuable is Nick Mangold?  Someone flipped a switch on the play of the O-line.

Nick Mangold is the Best Center in the League

  • Jeremy Kerly ended up in the game and told it was the Jets plan all week, but I’m not buying it.  Derrick Mason pissed someone off, but it was great to see the youngster get his first touchdown.

Kerley Scored His 1st TD of His Career

  • Joe McKnight has turned a corner.  He didn’t score this week, but boy did we find our replacement for Brad Smith on returns.
  • Jamaal Westerman stepped up in a big way to replace Bryan Thomas.  Two sacks and many pressures on Tom Brady will get you in favor with Rex and the coaches.

Bad Feeling

  • Santonio Holmes has me worried.  Yes he scored a TD, but I don’t think I’m digging his attitude.  He’s the captain of the team, but is it me, does he act like a captain?  He was one of 3 WR who allegedly called out Schotty to Rex before the game but all three are denying the meeting happened.  Something is not adding up.
santonio10 Strong character will be defined by short comings 10/9/11 9:21 PM
  • Continuing with my funny feeling, I’m not feeling all that great about Derrick Mason.  He was in only 6 snaps all game and the Jets claim that Kerley was the game plan, but something isn’t jiving to me.  They claim that Derrick isn’t picking up the offense fast enough, but didn’t they run the same exact O in Baltimore.  My gut tells me he pissed someone off, hope I’m wrong.
nflwhispers Derrick Mason went over the 12,000 receiving yard mark. He is the 18th player in NFL history to reach the mark 10/10/11 1:07 AM
  • I want to be perfect on the wide receivers, SO, I’m not feeling good about Plaxico.  He dropped 2 balls I remember, possibly 3, and he was targeted quit a bit.  Was he a better replacement than Braylon Edwards?  I’ll wait a couple of more games before I say anything on that.
janesports Plaxico Burress has a back tattoo: “Everything Happens For A Reason.” #NFL #Jets 10/9/11 10:39 PM
  • There are rumors circling in Jets land that there might be a split in the locker room.  It may not be true, but the fact that this is coming up is worrisome.
I hope Big #91 is Right!

Pouha91 Jets always locked united. 10/10/11 12:31 AM
  • Trash talk.  I know this is Rex’s bread and butter, but trash talk only works when you are winning on a consistent level.  With a three game losing streak, it may be time to close the mouths until we start winning again, but what do I know.

Is it Time to Shut Our Yaps?


  • Normally when an NFL player (current or legend) tweets me, it’s because I started the conversation.  You can imagine my surprise when Joe answered a question I asked to no one in particular during the game.
e_man Random again, has Maybin been in? 10/9/11 6:03 PM
RealJoeNamath @e_man No. And I don’t know why he’s not been in. Isn’t he our fastest rusher? Why aren’t we using him? 10/9/11 6:05 PM
e_man @RealJoeNamath Playing mostly DBs instead of LBs? 10/9/11 6:06 PM
RealJoeNamath @e_man You’re right. And the DBs are more familiar with the defense than Maybin. 10/9/11 6:09 PM
  • This is how I tweet during the games.  I open up four windows.  Window 1:  My timeline of 3k followers (that’s crazy and fast), Window 2:  Mentions to me, Window 3:  A list I created for Jets Beat writers, and the last one is my fellow bloggers, another list I created.
e_man How I tweet during games 10/9/11 6:18 PM

Can you guess the player in the background?

  • Dan (@Dirtysanchize6)

    Benching Mark is ridiculous. Anyone saying that is clueless in my opinion. I agree that the run game looked better, Mangold is priceless. The run D again looked suspect at times, Eric Smith’s play was again sub-par but to cut them SOME slack the D seemed to be on the field too long. The amount 3 and outs we gave up made the 32nd ranked Defense appear like a Top 5 D! The Pats gave up 400+ yards to Chad Henne!!! The offense is the real problem and it ultimately falls on Shotty. The WR are denying that a meeting happened but all signs and body langauge seem to scream that it did happen and other than Plax (who couldn’t catch the ball yesterday) … who can blame them for going to Rex. Shotty has been overly conservative and his play calling is so completely predictable it’s absurd. How many times are we going to run 6 yard routes when we need 8 yards for a first down. Where was LT in the passing game yesterday? Can you remeber a screen pass? The play calling never allowed Sanchez to get into a rythm and sadly he looked most comfortable throwing the ball needing 10 points with a minute to go. If the Jets are going to finish better than 8-8, they have to change thier mentality on offense. To not completely let Mr T off the hook, in 2 years we drafted 3 RB in the first 4 rounds and how many O-linemen? One project?!?! Also, Baltimore and NE have free agents starting on thier O-line. What is the thinking in moving your best back up OL to a starting position and not going out and adding some depth? Last time I checked we are not over the cap. This is all frustarting to watch because much of it is fixable and seems blatantly obvious.


    You said it!! Very predictable play calling!  even I can figure out what they are going to do! what happened to wildcat?  You don’t play “predictable” with the PATRIOTS! DAMMIT CAN ANYONE HEAR ME???

    • Erik Manassy

      I hear you!  LOL.

  • Iain

    Using tweetdeck would save you opening four windows!

    • Erik Manassy

      Tried it and Hate it.